The 45+ best No Code Marketing tools, according to the No Code community.

Updated on 5th April 2022

 The best No Code tools for marketers and product managers. Covering automation, app builders, content creation & data analysis.

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The No-code revolution is here to level up your marketing and make it more cost-efficient.

To qualify for as a No Code or low code tool, a piece of software must allow you to programme or execute a complex marketing task without using code – whether that’s building a website, analysing complex data, automating workflows, running a membership site, editing photos, undertaking advanced graphic design, building apps, email marketing or establishing a visual identity. All without the need for a developer.

This article takes a look at our favourite No Code tools for marketing, as used in our own projects or recommended in our Meet the Maker interviews with SaaS founders.

Time to build your no code tech stack… – create lead gen quizzes without code

(as recommended by Tyler Speegle & Emilio Meza)

LearnStash   nocode quiz builder
  • ‘What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?’
  • ‘Discover your perfect skin care routine’
  • ‘Get a personalized self-growth plan’
  • ‘Calculate the ROI of your inbound marketing’

Lead generation quizzes surveys such as these can dramatically grow your email list and ecommerce conversion rates. Thankfully they no longer cost the world to make. is a lead generation quiz-maker tool that allows you to create and publish your own interactive content in less than 5 minutes. No code and extremely versatile, it can be used to create calculators, quizzes, surveys, collect customer feedback and even take payment.

One feature I particularly love is the ability to follow up with automated emails directly from within – a natural next step once someone reaches the end of their quiz. Use it to send them their results, perhaps with a discount code.

A live example of can be found at Learn Stash - a self-growth platform for anyone wanting to getting 1% better every day. Assisting with lead generation for the membership site, powers Learn Stash’s free personalised ‘Growth Report’. Prospective members are guided through an engaging 2-minute assessment in exchange for a tailored plan to get them started on their own self-improvement journey.

Read more about Learn Stash and the people behind it, in our interview with Tyler and Emilio. is perfect for: Engaging top-of-funnel website visitors and showcasing your value proposition

Coffee Chats – get paid for virtual chats

Coffee Chats   nocode appointment scheduling

Open up a new revenue stream by charging for virtual chats.

Coffee Chats lets you build a one page website advertising your availability directly linked to your Google Calendar and Stripe, making it easy to host free or paid consulting calls. It’s inspiring to see marketers to using it to monetize their audience, grow their network and support the next generation with free coaching sessions, without having to lift a finger outside of the 30-minute call.

Coffee Chats is a wonderful example of a ‘just-enough’ tool that NoCode specializes in, in this case marrying one-pagers with payment integration and scheduling.

Key Coffee Chat pros are

  • Templates for popular use cases
  • Integrates with Google Meet and Zoom for video calls
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly recurring chats
  • Charge for chats via Stripe
  • Create coupons for free chats

With Google Calendar now adding its own in-app appointment scheduling many third-party tools will soon be redundant. Coffee Chats will continue to thrive as it packages your time in a way that’s attractive enough to pay for and easy to do so.

Coffee chats is perfect for: Monetizing your talent without the usual back-and-forth of finding suitable time slots

Landbot – swap slow email for speedy chats

Landbot   NoCode landing page builder

I’ve been a big fan of Landbot since its beta days when it powered Surges’ pre-launch holding page.

A No Code chatbot builder, it allows you to better connect with your website visitors, automatically greeting them, supporting them and nudging them towards a sale.

The versatile conversation starter turns traffic into a flow of sales opportunities, as it playfully qualifies leads, captures data and personalizes client journeys in real-time.

You’ll love the drag-and-drop conversation builder and the integrations that can schedule appointments, make product recommendations and even take payment in the chat.

Other Landbot pros:

  • Ready-to-go conversation flow templates
  • Insert fun GIFs for maximum engagement
  • Keep the same conversation going on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Automate the job application process
  • A/B test your way to better conversations

Landbot is perfect for: Bringing your landing pages to life and capturing quality leads

Gumroad – easily monetize your marketing skills

Whatever your passion, start selling it online with Gumroad

Ebooks. Video courses. Monthly newsletters. Font packs. Physical goods. You name it!

More and more marketers are selling their playbooks on Gumroad’s No Code platform. The last I bought was a copy of Steph Smith’s excellent Doing Content Right, so I can 100% vouch for it from a buyer’s perspective.

As the seller you have full control over the terms of your sale, including the use of promotional codes, tiered membership, recurring subscriptions, ‘pay what you feel’, affiliate programs and offering different formats for downloads. Neat conversion nudges include reviews and sold counts, bonus chapters and money back guarantees. 

Where you sell is up to you too, whether that’s on the Gumroad site via its flexible page editor, on a custom domain, or on your own site via their embeddable widgets. 

For full disclosure, here a few Gumroad negatives:

  • No A/B testing
  • No ability to add trials
  • No upsell or cross-sell functionality
  • No live or phone chat

Gumroad is perfect for: Online creators wanting a super slick way to package and sell their wares

Substack – tap into the resurgence of paid newsletters

Many founders and independent writers are turning to newsletters to make money directly from their audiences.

In return for Substack’s 10% cut, you can earn a living doing what you love without having to be bogged down in admin.

There’s a number of cool features built into the platform, including the ability to offer free trials, choosing which posts should be free or paid, offering back catalogues, understanding subscriber behaviour and sending targeted emails to subsets of subscribers.

Some Substack negatives:

  • Basic newsletter design
  • Minimal customization
  • Difficult to export content
  • No segmentation or list tags

Substack is perfect for: Independent writers looking to make a full-time living on a trusted platform

AirTable – do-it-yourself almost everything tool

AirTable   NoCode database builder

If you can think, it you can make it with Airtable. That’s not their official tagline but it should be.

This crazily versatile tool has a gazillion potential applications for marketers. I’ve seen it used for marketing campaign planning, content schedules, advanced listicles, SEO content creation, capturing user feedback and testimonials, event trackers, and so much more. There’s templates to get you started on any of these but the real beauty of Airtable is you can mould it to fit your exact requirements.

The tool often gets labelled as a spreadsheet replacement but it’s so much more than that. Plus, it’s something creative brains will actually want to use!

Some Airtable negatives to be aware of:

  • A small learning curve due to level of customization options
  • Missing conditional formatting, if you’re switching from Excel
  • Sharing restrictions are a paid feature

AirTable is perfect for: Indie hackers and agile marketing teams looking for speed and control

Zapier – automate your entire marketing workflow

(as recommended by Jim Raptis)

If you find yourself with a monotonous, repetitive task, you can count on Zapier to do it for you.

Zapier connects 2,000 web apps to stretch their features even further and create imaginative workarounds. Their recipes (or ‘Zaps’) can turn one-dimensional tools into lead generation machines by automatically sending website leads to your CRM; add tags based on their behavior; send them event invites or drip campaigns; add recurring posts to social media; perform critical business processes when you’re OOO; add important tasks to your team’s to-do lists and even order pizza when you hit sales milestones!

Best of all, it doesn’t require a single line of code and it’s a free service for your first 100 Zaps per month.

If there’s a negative to Zapier, it’s pricing has upped as it’s grown up. You now need to pay for ‘Premium’ integrations (e.g. Shopify, Salesforce, Zendesk) and advanced filters. It was inevitable but a shame nonetheless. 

Zapier is perfect for: Squeezing more out of your paid marketing tools and having them talk to one another

Unbounce – smarter-than-a-human, zero code landing pages

Unbounce   stunning templates   Surges review

You’ve worked so hard to get your brand in front of the right people, don’t be let down by your landing page. Even worse, don’t send visitors to a generic, one-size-fits-all page with bland messaging.

Unbounce to the rescue. The No-Code landing page builder has hundreds of high-performing templates for every type of campaign imaginable. Turn more browsers into buyers with sales pages, product launches, eBooks and Webinars, event registration and so much more.

Marketing all-rounders such as Mailchimp, Buffer and Hubspot now include landing pages with drag-and-drop interfaces. So, what makes Unbounce different? Their in-built AI keeps optimising the page to ensure you find a winning formula – ideal if you’re sending valuable traffic to a landing page.

Unbounce negatives to know about:

  • Occasionally desktop/mobile disconnect
  • Not the cheapest (still good value)
  • Some key integrations missing

Unbounce is perfect for: Conversion optimisation and publishing multiple landing pages with ease

Vyper & SparkLoop - explosive email list growth via No Code referrals and giveaways

Ever wondered how Morning Brew, The Hustle and TheSkimm gained millions of newsletter subscribers?

SparkLoop makes it easy to reward your email subscribers for sharing your newsletter with their audiences, tapping into their loyalty and growing your email list on autopilot.

A close cousin is viral contests, tapping into the competitive nature of entrants to supercharge your subscriber numbers, social followings and exposure by referring your company to their circles of contacts in the hope of winning.

Tools such as VYPER are an unusual take on traditional competitions with leaderboards that entrants can climb by undertaking bonus “refer-a-friend” type actions. In gamifying the process, the competition fuels itself and attracts entirely new audiences to your marketing. As such, it’s a fun, yet highly effective way to launch your product or service or to get your customers to refer new ones.

Some SparkLoop negatives:

  • Small number of templates
  • Restrictive landing page design
  • Mixed quality of leads

SparkLoop is perfect for: Speedily growing your email lists at a low cost-per-acquistion

Simple.Ink - #1 No-Code Notion site builder

Simple.Ink Notion website themes

Simple.Ink is a shortcut for building one page websites. Its clever Notion hack blew my little mind allowing you to create a new site in less than 12 seconds, so you can validate MVPs or promote yourself in record time.

The tool turns your drag-and-drop Notion vision into a surprisingly beautiful and fully-functional website. Long gone are the days when you have to learn how to code or engage a digital agency to get your idea off the ground.

Simple.Ink’s generous free service also includes reliable hosting, SEO best practice and mobile-responsive sites, right out of the box.

Simple.Ink is perfect for: Bootstrapped founders with a backlog of ideas they want to validate

Read our interview with Simple.Ink’s founder Ch Daniel

Webflow – as-good-as-a-developer No Code website builder

If Simple.Ink and Carrd let you create one-pagers quickly, Webflow is for enterprise-standard websites you can grow into.

Supporting richer and more powerful website creation, Webflow’s in-browser design tools are an actual joy to use. What’s more, what you see is what you get, with no disconnect between your visual design and the final website. You edit content right on the page too, rather than getting lost in the CMS or writing custom code.

Whatever you create in the visual editor is converted into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means Webflow websites can handle dynamic content, on top of the usual elements like background videos, buttons, dropdowns, forms and sliders.

Other Webflow pros:

  • Build fully flexible, responsive websites - no coding skills required
  • Full control of any font, including height and tracking
  • Create and save reusable elements
  • Decent control of SEO on any page
  • Readymade templates, grids and tables
  • Ecommerce functionality, inc. customized cart and checkout experiences
  • Fun interactions and animations

Webflow cons to consider:

  • Steep learning curve vs Squarespace
  • A few barriers to hosting yourself
  • Subscriptions and memberships not yet live
  • Premium templates cost extra

Webflow is perfect for: Non-technical marketers and designers wanting beautiful websites they can grow into

BrandBird – making screenshots sexier for social media

(as recommended by Ch Daniel)

Brandbird App review and interview

BrandBird is an online image editor for turning screenshots into beautiful social media graphics. It’s totally transformed the images I use in my marketing software reviews, so it’s an easy one to recommend.

As Sunny Trochaniak of NewPulse Labs puts it: “Not only has Brandbird sped up my content creation process, it’s made it a lot more enjoyable.”

Use it to spice up your new features, annotate pertinent info, drop designs into real device mockups, show before and after mockups, and lots more.

BrandBird is perfect for: busy bootstrappers looking to stand out on even busier social media feeds

Read our interview with BrandBird’s founder Jim Raptis

Bubble – build fully functioning, fully scalable apps

Bubble came highly recommend by David Thompson:

Sitting at the heart of the no-code movement, Bubble has helped over million users to create whatever they want.

Using the visual builder, anyone can drag-and-drop their way to web apps that actually work as intended, whilst being fully scalable and secure in the cloud. End users will find it impossible to tell the difference from their investment and engineering-heavy equivalent.

Pros of Bubble’s no code app development:

  • Build apps with any technical knowledge
  • Easily add elements such as images, videos, subscription boxes and buy now buttons
  • Display user-generated content or data fetched from other apps
  • Use logic and determine how users interact with your web app
  • No limits on the number of users or traffic
  • Install all the plugins you’re familiar with or using elsewhere

Cons of Bubble:

  • Page speed isn’t as quick as custom builds
  • Some basic elements are missing and require plugins
  • Restrictive styling options compared to flexible functionality
  • No ability to export app from the platform is perfect for: bootstrapped founders wanting a faster and cheaper route to a working web app

Bannerbear – hunts down relevant social media and email images

Bannerbear   nocode social media previews

The most time-consuming part of posting new content is often sourcing an engaging and relevant picture. Bannerbear can do it for you in 1-2 seconds.

Hooked up to Zapier or its API, Bannerbeart’s no code app takes care of a host of repetitive image-related marketing tasks like this. For example, use it to auto-generate course certificates for students. Personalize welcome images for new subscribers. Pair articles with videos. Auto-post Tripadvisor reviews on social media. Shout about new product listings. And tons more. If something needs a visual, palm the task off to Bannerbeart.

Prices start at $49 per month but come with generous usage allowances.

Bannerbear is perfect for: automating high volume, high engagement content publishing

Fangage – engage and monetize your fans with exclusive content

Grow you fanbase and make them feel like VIPs. Fangage can power your website, your fan engagement and your monetization, all in one platform. Use it to publish sell subsriptions, distribute exclusive content, know your biggest fans and turn your side thing into your main thing.

More advanced membership sites exist (see Membermouse’s Wordpress membership plugin), with forums, support automation tools and affiliate channel, however Fangage is built for speed.

Fangage is perfect for: savvy influencers wanting a hassle-free way to sell gated content and subscriptions

The best of the rest – other No Code marketing tools we love..

This list will keep growing as we spot and review new No Code tools. Let us know what we’ve missed!

No Code data analysis tools – understand and manage complex data

  Databox – track metrics from all of your favourite tools in one single dashboard. Automatically visualizes all of your most important data, saving you from spreadsheet hell.

Obviously AI – now anyone can build machine learning algorithms and predict the future. Use it to forecast revenue, predict lead conversion, personalize marketing and play out dynamic pricing outcomes.

Exploding Topics - discover the next big thing, first If you want to beat the rush on new keywords entirely, Exploding Topics picks up on trends before they even happen. Consider it an automated, curated version of Google Trends. Tap into the Exploding Topics API for open data.

SEO toolsSemrush, Moz, Ahrefs are SEO all-rounders, with keyword research tools, backlinking outreach and technical SEO audits.

Insycle – advanced data management and clean-ups. Puts the advanced capabilities of data management in Excel (lookups, deduping, bulk updates, automation) into the hands of spreadsheet-shy marketers. Crunch all the data in an easy to use interface.

Smartsheets – centralized, collaborative data stores. Use Smartsheets to create a single, reliable source of current information on customers and projects. Easily automate workflows and create dashboards and reports.

Ninox – track everything in your marketing team. Say ‘goodbye’ to ad hoc spreadsheets. Ninox builds a visual database around any data a marketing team might hold – events management, inventory, invoicing, timesheets, campaign tasks, and so on.

No Code SEO copywriting tools

Grammarly - editing tools that check the tone and grammar of your content before you hit publish. Making sure you express yourself clearly and error-free.

Surfer SEO - making on-page optimization fun. Use Surfer’s Content Editor to get a content quality score (out of 100), based on factors such as target keyword density, title and meta descriptions, headers, internal and external links, related phrases and NLP.

Hemingway App - write with purpose and clarity. See you Readability score change in real time as you type. Sentences are color-coded for different types of issues, with tips on how to improve them.

Copyscape – hunt down copied content. Probably only useful if you’re relying on outside writers. Make sure their content is 100% original before (Paid) or after (Free) it’s published on your site.

AnswerThePublic - crawls the autocomplete data of search engines, turning it into high-potential phrases and questions closely related to your keyword.

→ Check out my Top SEO Content Writing Tools for 2022 - to Plan, Write & Rank Better

No Code Design & Photo editing tools

Veed - create professional-quality explainer videos (complete with annotations, animations, subtitles and more) in your browser. Plus, stand out but still maintain consistency with Veed’s in-built Brand Kit. - ready-to-use video templates, courtesy of 100 million premium photos and videos from Getty Images and iStock. Add your logo and text to make them your own.

Unicorn Platform - quickly build landing pages with a wide selection of customizable templates to start from. Key features include pre-made forms, payment collection and blogs.

Canva - design almost anything with easy-to-use, intuitive tools. Quietly fuelling the content marketing of agile teams, including social media videos, infographics, presentations, conference call backgrounds, brochures and flyers.

Looka - design the brand in your mind’s eye in minutes with this the AI-powered logo maker. Only pay when you’re 100% happy with your logo.

Pixlr - free online image editor allowing you to edit your photos like a pro, with over 600 overlays, effects and borders.


No-code automation apps – work smarter not harder - now a part of Notion, that connects 200+ popular apps to seamlessly stitch together automated workflows. Offers fewer apps and recipes than Zapier but comes in at a much lower price point.

IFTTT - another Zapier alternative. With IFTTT (If This Than That) you can combine over 700 popular services to automate repetitive tasks and do more with your favourite devices and marketing apps. Arguably the funnest of the no code tools. - enterprise-level automation platform. Can undertake more advanced integration challenges across nearly any application stack thanks to its versatile visual logic builder.

Make (formerly Integromat) - lets you design and automate anything inside your business - from tasks and workflows to apps and systems – quickly and easily. Uses a drag-and-drop interface to put existing workflows on autopilot 24/7 or build entirely new combinations from stratch.

NoCode website builders – everything to promote anything

Beehiiv - no code newsletter growth. Everything you need to host, monetize and grow your email newsletter. Includes in-built referral program.

Squarespace – no code website building platform. A beautiful website builder with everything you need to launch, sell and grow into. Hosting and payment processing included.

MemberMouse - no code community plugin. A powerful WordPress membership plugin to engage, grow and monetize your community. It takes care of all the hard work associated with running a membership site, including selling memberships and products, creating member-only areas, 1-click upsells and downsells, and much more.

Shopify - low code ecommerce stores. Everything you need to start, run and grow your online store. With stunning templates, countless customisations and ecommerce baked in, you can be up and running within a couple of hours.

Carrd - simple one page sites. Free one-page site builder, with hosting and templates included. Wildly popular with the indie hacker community.

  And finally…

Notion - the do-whatever-you-want-with-it no code tool

Notion is a uber flexible NoCode platform you can use to manage all your marketing projects, personnel and content in one place, in whatever way suits you most. The Lego of no-code software.

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