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Updated on 30th June 2020

Not all marketing tools track or trade your personal data for profit

If a marketing service is free, you are often the product.

That’s not to be alarmist. Many people are perfectly ok with data about them being sold to advertisers instead of paying a subscription fee. The reality is, many are unaware it’s happening.

But after countless big tech data scandals customers are becoming increasingly switched on to their data and how it’s used.

In response, there’s a new breed of marketing services that don’t track customers round the web or trade your personal data for profit. So here are our top privacy-focused marketing tools…

Private advertising networks

First up, ContextCue uses the content of a website to target ads - not user data. As the ads are totally private, they’re also incredibly lightweight, so your site is faster to load.

ContextCue Homepage review

Brave browser’s ad offerings follows a similar path. Private yet powerful, Brave uses machine learning to only place attention-grabbing ads when a user’s attention isn’t elsewhere. So instead of interrupting that article they were reading, it’ll wait until the user opens a new tab or completed a task. Users can also accrue credits as they use the browser to tip and support their favourite content creators.

Brave Browser Homepage review

Traditional ad networks will claim they use your information to make its ads more useful for you. However, given 30% of all internet users now use ad blockers, it’s safe to assume they’re not that useful after all.

Private PPC

DuckDuckGo search gives you truly private search results without tradeoffs in result relevance.

Debunking the myth that search engines need to track you to make money, they show ads based on search terms (via Microsoft Advertising), not the personal details of the person searching.

Private analytics

Fathom is a minimalist, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

Fathom simplifies the task of understanding visitor behaviour while also respecting their privacy. The added bonus for collecting less data, is it’s superfast. So if, like us, you prioritise site speed over mountains of personal data you’ll likely never use, it’s definitely worth paying a small monthly fee for.

Fathom Analytics Homepage review

Private video conferencing

The coronavirus pandemic was the making of Zoom. However, it also exposed some pretty major privacy and security flaws.

Private by design alternatives include Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft’s Teams and Jami. Everything said and shared on all three are peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted. FaceTime’s major drawback though is that all participants need to be on Apple devices.

Transparent data collection

It’s impossible to market your business without some form of data collection.

Metomic allows you to still use all your favourite marketing tools, but puts the user in control of what your website can and can’t store via a simple cookie widget. Metomic can also find and fix data privacy issues on your website and automatically update your policy policy as your third-party tools change the way your customer’s data is collected and used.

Metomic Homepage Homepage

This easy-to-use, free service is a big vote for transparency at a time when customers are more aware and protective of their data than ever before. Give your users the control they crave!

With big tech’s business model facing heightened scrutiny, we think there’s a huge opportunity for brands to embrace privacy-led marketing tools.

We know more will start to pop up – so give me a shout with your discoveries and we’ll be sure to add them in.

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