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13/05/20 | Interview by Stuart Goulden

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MeetEdgar ensures your greatest hits play for longer by automatically sharing your content on a recurring basis. The set-and-forget social media tool gives the gift of automation with AI copywriting tools and scheduling needed to avoid too much repetition.

I’m a happy, long-term paid user of MeetEdgar so I’m delighted to share Laura’s story. In this interview with Laura Roeder, discover how the tool grew out of a need to fix her own juggling act as solopreneur and why she decided to open it up to other indie businesses. The tactics and tools Laura used to get her first users and scale the business to multi-million ARR. Plus, why MeetEdgar chooses to lead with kindness in everything it does.

  1. Hi Laura, how would you describe MeetEdgar?

    MeetEdgar takes your social media stress and turns it into social media success with features designed to remove the time-intensive parts of managing the content on all of your networks.

    MeetEdgar automates content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and provides all of the automation, social media content management, reporting, and human support you need to maximize the reach of your organic content on social media.

  1. Social media scheduling is a very competitive space. What does MeetEdgar do better or differently?

    MeetEdgar automates much of the social media scheduling process for you. We have features like continuous posting on Facebook and LinkedIn so Edgar continues to share content, even if you haven’t added any in a while. We use category based recurring schedule so all you need to do is add in the content and set your schedule and Edgar handles the rest. Edgar can even write your updates for you!

    Our automation tools make it so that we’re much more than a typical social media scheduler. MeetEdgar keeps working for you, long after you’ve added your content!

  1. Tell me about MeetEdgar's humble beginnings. What inspired you to create it? And what was your background?

    I created MeetEdgar because it was what I needed! I was running a social media marketing training business and I was a busy solopreneur who needed a smarter way to schedule all of my social media content. We were using this massive spreadsheet of all our social media updates divided into categories. We’d copy and paste them into our scheduling tool, repeating the content as necessary, and I really wanted a tool that could actually do all of this for me.

  1. MeetEdgar's tone of voice is refreshingly conversational. Why is the human side of tech so important to you?

    People buy from brands they feel they feel connected to and brand voice is one of the most powerful ways people connect with your brand. We wanted our brand voice to project the values we have as a company — kindness, sincerity and fun.

MeetEdgar snippets screenshot - social media automation

MeetEdgar can even write posts for you. It trawls articles for the punchiest snippets and suggests them for sharing.

  1. MeetEdgar is not a freemium product, so how have you grown MeetEdgar?

    Our acquisition channels focused on SEO, content marketing and social media marketing. We focused on growing our email list by providing as much value as possible. We wrote blog posts, hosted webinars, offered free downloads and then once, they were on our list, we sent valuable emails. We educated our customers and taught them about how MeetEdgar can improve their marketing and grow their business.

  1. What are your future aspirations for MeetEdgar?

    We want to continue to make it easier for indie business owners and content creators to automate as much of their marketing as possible. We’re continuing to work to give our audience the features they ask for and use automation in smart, authentic ways.

  1. Do you have any advice for people wanting to build their own sales or marketing tool?

    There’s no one right way to build a business and there’s no exact formula to success. Everyone does it differently. You have to be willing to test, experiment, listen to your customers and trust your instincts.

"You have to be willing to test, experiment, listen to your customers and trust your instincts."

Laura Roeder
  1. Apart from MeetEdgar, do you have a favourite tool you’d like to give a shoutout to?

    There are so many! We love using Demio for our webinars, Podia is a great tool for courses and ConvertKit is fantastic for email marketing.

  1. Where can people go to find out more?

    You can visit us at and follow us on all of the social channels at @MeetEdgar.

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