Crowdfire Review: Smarter social media content curation


Stuart Goulden


Crowdfire is an all-in-one social media management tool, helping you to uncover, schedule and share interesting content and grow your following. Powered by artificial intelligence, it saves you time on more routine social tasks and optimises the things you can’t.

  • Rating 8/10
  • Price FREE+
  • Account cleaning. AI optimisation. Competitor insights. Multiple image upload. Content suggestions.
  • Lack of integrations. RSS limits. Hit and miss image suggestions.

What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is a one-stop shop for sourcing, scheduling and publishing great content across the major social media platforms.

Its AI-driven tools and insights promises to help you form good posting habits and improve the cut-through of your content. It’s other notable features include automatic content customisation for the different platforms and insightful analytics. In early 2019, its Twitter Manage features (Non-Followers, Recent Unfollowers, Competitor Account Copying etc) were suspended and then removed as Twitter announced the discontinuation of API services for these features to all apps. Anyone providing these features is now in violation of Twitter’s TOS.

Regardless of these changes, Crowdfire remains a useful tool for individual social media managers and teams alike, with pricing plans reflecting the number of accounts and users.

Crowdfire Features.

Major platforms

Crowdfires covers everywhere you’d expect: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Every atom of content is magically tailored to each social network and you can preview the posts before publishing. Unlike some other social media management tools, you can also upload multiple images or embed a video to a post.

Constant encouragement

Find yourself dipping in and out of social media? Crowdfire’s “Queue Meter” is your gentle nudge to post regularly. The helpful bot also appears as a notification in the app and in the form of daily browser notifications. Intrusive but effective.

Content suggestions

Receive a daily dose of article recommendations based on the broad ‘Topics’ of interest you select. We find the filters too generic (e.g. Business content) to deliver truly relevant articles but you might find the odd gem. A nice idea, poorly executed.

Import your own content

Spotted a good article? Share it with ease via the Crowdfire Chrome Extension, add your favourite RSS feeds or connect your own blog, YouTube or Vimeo channel, Twitch account, Etsy shop, or Shopify store to automatically share fresh content. If you’re super organised you can also add bulk posts to the Crowdfire app via a CSV file.

Smart scheduling

You have three options: post now, post at a custom date and time or let Crowdfire automatically decide when to do it for you. Crowdfire’s optimisation will take into account when your followers are most likely to be active online, your time zone and the engagement of your previously-posted content.

Team tools

A relatively new free feature, ‘Profiles’, enables you to group together different accounts and switch between them - perfect for agencies handling multiple clients. Meanwhile, the ‘Crowdfire Mentions’ upgrade tracks every mention, comment and reply in a team inbox, keeping team-based communications clutter free.

Calendar view

Another new feature, giving you a God view of all your content. The Calendar letts you schedule and manage all your social media posts just as you would meetings in your calendar. Drag and drop posts to quickly reschedule them or click a button to repeat post.

Things to consider.

A mixed bag

You’ll either love or hate Crowdfire’s suite of features. Some have AI-driven smarts (e.g. informing the best times to post, who your non-followers are, and providing content suggestions) whereas others have no logical use at all (e.g. bizarre image recommendations and an unusable chatbot that has recently been retired). But stick with the core growth features and you will see your followings and engagement rise – we have!

Useful insights

Did the new social strategy boost your Instagram following? What’s the ratio of new likers vs un-likes on your Facebook page? What content works best? Crowdfire’s Advanced Analytics capability can answer all these questions and more. Available to all users on the Plus, Premium and VIP plans.

Integrations are noticeably absent

You can link Crowdfire to WordPress, YouTube, Shopify and Etsy accounts but that’s about it. The lack of integrations is a real turn-off and restricts the many creative automation possibilities of services such as IFTTT and Zapier that could make your social strategy come alive.

Crowdfire pricing.


Forever Free
  • Up to 1 social account per network (exc. Pinterest)
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 scheduled posts per social account
  • Most other features
  • 24-hour analytics data
  • 10 scheduled posts per social account
  • Most other features


$9.99per month
  • Up to 2 social account per network
  • Unlimited users
  • 100 scheduled posts per social account
  • + Post to Pinterest
  • + RSS feeds
  • + Video posts
  • + 30-day analytics data


$49+per month
  • Up to 5 social account per network.
  • Unlimited users
  • 100 scheduled posts per social account
  • + Bulk schedule posts
  • + Mentions management

Crowdfire also has a VIP subscription tier for for social media agencies and larger businesses, priced at $99 per month. Crowdfire offers big incentives for paying annually, generally a 25% discount across the board.


Crowdfire can kickstart and accelerate any social media strategy.

By cherry-picking its best growth features and using them routinely, you can expect your followings across all the major platforms to grow. Crowdfire’s “Queue Meter” is a friendly reminder to keep up good posting habits with a once-a-day Chrome pop-up or notifications from within the app.

Crowdfire’s auto-scheduling and auto-tailoring of posts are two genuine masterstrokes. Taking these two manual tasks out of the hands of a social media manager and leaving to AI will free you up for more value-adding actions e.g. curating great content and interacting with followers. The lack of integrations will restrict the most creative of social teams, however the affordable pricing of Crowdfire (particularly if on annual plans) enables you to perform these actions with paid plans elsewhere.

In our opinion, the overall feature-set could do with more focus as it tries to cover too much ground. By concentrating on a few core objectives (e.g. follower growth, content curation) it could double-down on the corresponding features and drop others.

Unfortunately, the now removed Twitter management toolkit was probably Crowdfire’s strongest and most unique feature. The ability to filter out inactive, non-followers, recent unfollowers was valued by users and you can use Crowdfire no longer find and follow people that look like your competitors’ audiences. Twitter’s TOS are notoriously open to change so it’s not Crowdfire’s fault, of course. We’ll continue to keep an eye on how they make this up to users if they intend to maintain the same price point.


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