Surge Review: Content aggregation with Feedly



Stuart Goulden


Feedly is a deceptively powerful content aggregator offering unlimited content sources, smart filtering, team features, and brand monitoring.

  • Rating 9/10
  • Price FREE+
Feedly Review - Content Curation made easy
  • Strong free product. Feeds and boards. Powerful filters. Buffer integration. Low upgrade fee.
  • Impossible to fault. One of many tools you’ll need.

What is Feedly?

If you’re anything like me you have an insatiable appetite for great content. This curiosity can take you all over the web, however all that searching, filtering and reading eats up precious time. Here’s where Feedly can help. It aggregates stories from all your favourite subscriptions into mini-magazine for you to skim-read and peruse, streamlining an otherwise laborious process.

You can use Feedly to:

  • Get the latest insight from thought leaders
  • Stay abreast (and ahead of) industry trends
  • Scan hundreds of articles and blog posts in record time
  • Stay on top of conversations about your brand

To get started simply search for a website or blog with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and add it. From there you can also associate it to a ‘Feed’, helping to organise your many sources into tidy lists curated by topics, industries, work/personal etc. The more you put into Feedly’s setup, the more you get out. Only once you enrich it with sources and feeds do you see the real benefits and speed up your content discovery. Feedly is now a core component of my daily workflow, so much so that it’s now my browser homepage, so it’s the first thing I see when I fire up Chrome.

Feedly Features.


Add your go-to blogs and news sources and it will provide a daily download of new content. If you’re on the free plan and limited to 100 sources, Feedly will handily keep a track of any feeds that are inactive or become unreachable. The Feeds functionality allows you to organise your many sources into tidy feeds curated on the criteria you set.


Much as on a Kindle, you can easily bookmark a passage of text. From there you can share it on Twitter, send it to note apps such as Evernote, or bring it to the attention of colleagues.


Found something worth sharing? Want to read it later? Need to tag it for easy reference? Or want to share it across many platforms? Or delete it from your feed? All of this is possible, albeit some actions are only on Pro plans.


The desktop experience and accompanying app (Android and iPhone) work together like a dream. Want to add a new piece of content you’ve found? Simply hit to star icon in the app to save it or use the Chrome extension.


Your place to store articles relevant to a particular project, client, competitor or interest. Note: They’re for your eyes only unless you upgrade to the Team plan, where you can also use them as the basis for a team newsletter.


A Pro feature. Track news about the brands, industries, clients, and competitors that matter to you. A nice feature, obviously available elsewhere, but good to have all this intelligence in one place.

Things to consider.

Generous Free Plan

If you’re an occasional content binger, you’re probably wise starting on the free plan. You’ll know when the time is right to upgrade. Limits are 100 sources, 3 feeds and a slight delay to new content coming through.

Low-cost upgrade

For only $65 a year you can upgrade to unlimited sources, feeds and boards, and unlock a whole host of other features. These include: Google Keyword alerts, no sponsored content, notes and highlights, power search and share anywhere.

Concoct unique workflows

Feedly’s integration with IFTTT and Zapier means you can automate your content workflows. Replace manual cut-and-paste with IFTTT recipes, such as automatically tweeting content, saving content to a Google sheet and more.

Support worth paying for

Feedly’s premium support means you receive a reply in record time. Our test enquiry received a response in less than an hour and a super-helpful one at that.

Feedly for teams

A big jump in price but grants access to everything in Pro and takes it to a whole new level. Collaborate with colleagues with shared feeds, boards and notes. And unlock a few extra features such as the ability to follow Twitter feeds, send team newsletters, push content to Slack and do as you please with Feedly’s powerful API.

Feedly pricing.


Forever free
  • Up to 100 sources
  • Up to 3 feeds
  • Mobile and desktop


Supercharge your reading and curation
$5.41per month billed annually
  • Everything in Basic, and:
  • Unlimited sources
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Google keyword alerts
  • Notes and highlights
  • Power Searches
  • Share to LinkedIn, Buffer and Hootsuite
  • IFTTT and Zapier integration
  • Save to Evernote, Pocket, and OneNote
  • Get new articles even faster
  • Hide sponsored ads
  • Premium support


Colleagues collaborating on killer content
$18per user per month
  • Everything in Pro, and:
  • Shared feeds
  • Shared boards
  • Shared notes / highlights
  • Google News and Google Alerts
  • Follow Twitter feeds
  • Team newsletters
  • Slack integration
  • Powerful API
  • Analytics


It’s a real frustration that many of the leading social media management tools don’t include powerful content discovery. They should. However, Feedly steps up to the plate in their absence with an easy-to-use interface and generous usage limits to mean it can be the only portal you’ll need for online news and insights. Working in tandem with Buffer it forms an integral part of my content curation workflow.

A regular challenge I like to set myself is to try and automate an area of my work that can give me back an hour a week. Feedly’s news aggregation does that many times over.

Solo-entrepreneurs will find its Pro plan a bargain at $65 a year. Likewise teams, who will be able to discover, discuss and collaborate on killer content before their competitors pick up on emerging trends. The most adventurous of users will find integration with IFTTT and Zapier means the possibilities for automation and power-sharing are only limited by their imaginations. All in all, Feedly is a must-have tool in our marketing armoury.


Founder of future-led marketing agency and start-up studio, Like No Other.