Linktree review: Convert your social audience with multiple profile links


Stuart Goulden


Linktree is a customised page that houses all the links you want to share with your social followers at that moment in time. It works seamlessly with your profile on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Rating 8/10
  • Price Free
  • Unlimited links. Multiple accounts. Free or cheap.
  • Paid features: Newsletter sign-up, Scheduled posting.
  • Nothing.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a customised page that houses all the links you want to share with your social followers at that moment in time. It works seamlessly with your profile on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. The service is now used by 2m users – read our interview with its co-founder Alex Zaccaria.

Once you’ve setup your Linktree and added all your links, you simply copy your unique Linktree URL and paste it into the ‘Website’ field of your Instagram or Twitter bio or share it on facebook posts and Youtube Videos. Then, when you’ve something new to link to, all you need to do is update your Linktree links – you never have to change the link in your bio again!

Linktree has two tiers – a free version and a paid monthly subscription. The free version includes a small handful of features, including basic theme customisation of your profile and link click statistics. Linktree Pro is $6USD per month and gives you access to many more features, including newsletter signup, additional themes, scheduled links, advanced analytics and thumbnail images.

Possible uses of Linktree.

If you find yourself regularly changing your profile link and wanting multiple links, then Linktree is for you. You could use the service to link to editorial content, new products or projects, fundraising or crowdfunding pages, tour dates or ‘work with me’ pages. We’ve also seen influencers and travel companies add their WhatsApp contact number to your Linktree profile.

If it exists on the internet, you can link to it.

Linktree features.


It all starts here. Feature unlimited links on your list, with your chosen description. The free version of LinkTree includes some colour changes but you’ll need to upgrade for full customisation, including highlighting important links, adding photo thumbnails, and removing the Linktree logo.

Multiple accounts

Regardless of your plan, Linktree lets you handle multiple accounts and effortlessly move between them – this involves a quick log-out/log-in switch.


See the total number of clicks for each link. Upgrading to the paid version gets you daily clicks and correctly attributes the activity to ‘Social’ in Google Analytics.

Newsletter sign-up

Paid feature. If your account has a healthy follower count and high engagement, you’ll want a more prominent call to action. Capture your visitors email addresses with the email subscription integration.


Paid feature. Set your links ‘go live’ time to coincide with scheduled posts and multi-channel campaigns.


Paid feature. Retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID. Okay, this isn’t anything an Instagram business account can’t do but a bonus for personal accounts.

Advanced customisation

Paid feature. Professional users will want Linktree to mirror their brand. You have complete control over your colors, button styles and fonts, and can upload your own profile image, add thumbnails to each link, and remove the Linktree logo.

Things to consider.

A Linktree Pro alternative

Anybody penny-pinching can create their own version of Linktree on their website. It’s a bit of a unnecessary hassle but it’s achieved by creating a new page on your website and adding links and buttons there. I’d only advise doing this if you’re not regularly wanting to change the links you point to. There’s no need to add the new page to your site’s navigation.

Linktree pricing.


All the basics
$0per month
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Basic analytics
  • Basic Linktree themes


Advanced features
$6per month
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Advanced customisation
  • Advanced analytics
  • More Linktree themes
  • Remove Linktree branding
  • Retargeting
  • Schedule links
  • Custom UTM Parameters
  • Priority support

All plans include unlimited accounts and links. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.


I’d known about Linktree for a while – spotting it on others’ social profiles – but had never taken the leap. The reason being I thought it would be a paid-only service or a hassle to setup and maintain. How wrong I was.

Linktree’s main benefit is being able to display multiple links and change them with ease. It’s almost inconceivable it allows you to do this for free. The free version is extremely generous, allowing you to showcase a mix of permanent and fleeting content you want to push. It’s something the social platforms themselves should facilitate, but their failure means Linktree can step-up to the plate.

Superusers will want to upgrade and I think they’ll agree that $6 per month is a more than fair price to pay for the additional features. If you want your links to follow brand guidelines, want to schedule links in advance, or have multiple people handling your accounts, it’s a must. There are DIY solutions for creating your own link lists but in reality these are a bit of a pain. All things considered, Linktree gets a big thumbs up from us in the form of a solid 8/10.


Founder of future-led marketing agency and start-up studio, Like No Other.