LogoJoy Review and logo- the AI-powered logo maker

LogoJoy Review: the AI-powered logo maker


Stuart Goulden


LogoJoy is a free online logo creator, using AI to automate design. You get unlimited iterations until you’re happy and only pay for a design if/when you decide to use it.

  • Rating 8/10
  • Price FREE+
LogoJoy review - The easy way to design a logo
  • Speed, Affordability, Good Results, Ready-to-use Files.
  • Can’t upload own symbols, Trademarking questions.

What is LogoJoy?

LogoJoy is an on-demand AI designer for entrepreneurs in need of an inexpensive but passable logo for their business.

The end-to-end process takes less than 60 seconds and should you wish to purchase the logo, it’ll cost you $65.

To get started, simply enter your business name and sector, then pick some design styles, colour palettes and symbols you like. And hey presto, it will instantly generate a wide selection of logos for you to scroll through. Not all will be to your taste, but there’s every chance you’ll have a few workable ones to choose from. You’ll also be able to see them in situ, mocked-up on signage, branded apparel, business cards and more.

From there, you can choose to purchase the logo or simply walk away. The basic package gets you a low-res version for $20, with $65 getting you unlimited changes and everything you need to apply it to your website, social media and branding.

LogoJoy Features.

Logo Maker

Feed your inspiration into LogoJoy and the AI engine will produce a wide selection of custom logos tailored to your business. Favourite the ones you like and it will generate new and improved versions.


Choose from 475 fonts, 550k+ symbols, 5.5k colours and 6 possible layouts all ready to be remixed. That equates to millions of possible combinations.

Instant Mock-ups

Preview your logo options on signage, t-shirts and business cards, and more. Any updates you make to your design update the images in real time.

Brand Guidelines

Included in more expensive packages or available as an add-on. Your unique Brand Guidelines also include some useful do’s and don’ts of using your logo.


You’re granted full ownership of your logo. The copyright however, applies to your logo as a whole and not the individual elements. Seek expert guidance if you want to trademark it.


LogoJoy’s AI has designed logos for over 3 million entrepreneurs wanting to get their idea off the ground.

We gave it a go for Surge and found the results hit-and-miss. Some of the logos were a crime against design, whilst others were surprisingly good looking. The good thing is you’re free to choose only those you like and LogoJoy’s AI will keep updating it based on your feedback. There’s also human assistance on hand should you get stuck.

Where LogoJoy really shines is its speed and affordability. It really does open up good design to anybody.

The service does have a few limitations, such as not being able to upload your own symbol or custom font, however it’ll be the first to admit those. That’s the compromise you make for getting a ready-to-use, high-resolution logo in record time.

Make no mistake, LogoJoy is a starting point. Whilst some logos might outlive their original purpose, entrepreneurs looking for design support beyond a logo and the funds to do so will be better placed enlisting the services of a good designer.

That said, we think it’s only a matter of time before LogoJoy’s clever AI technology is applied to other marketing collateral, such as business cards, adverts and brochures.

It’s free to try LogoJoy, as you only pay should you choose to download the logo, so why not give it a go and see what your next business idea might look like.


Founder of future-led marketing agency and start-up studio, Like No Other.