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Surge Review: Pipedrive CRM, helping you smash your sales targets


Stuart Goulden


Sales pipelines are the lifeblood of any B2B sales organisation. Much more than a numbers game, it relies on proactive, focused sales people and optimised processes. Pipedrive CRM puts your entire sales team on a single page and makes sure every action they take counts.

  • Rating 8.5/10
  • Price £15 p/m+
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  • Optimises sales activity, Email syncing, Intuitive interface, 100+ integrations, Easy reporting, Apps
  • Leads vs. Contacts, Cost of premium features

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM makes managing your sales process a breeze. The dashboard provides an overview of your entire sales function, with the ability to zoom in on individual team members, leads and deals. You can compare performance, understand the reasons behind any variations, and better coach your team towards their targets.

When it comes to contacts, new leads are allocated upon entry and can be contextualised with additional company info and conversation tracking. Tasks can be easily assigned to team members and notifications are issued when follow-up actions are due. Just about everything in the system can be customised to suit your pipeline and processes.

Reports and forecasts are only a click away in Pipeline CRM, enabling you to keep on top of targets and work towards more successful closes.

Pipeline CRM features.

Pipeline management

Get complete visibility of sales performance with an interactive visual of everything happening in your sales pipeline(s). It can drilled down to an individual lead or team member level, featuring info like deal value, win probability, company info.

Track conversations

There’s nothing more frustrating than working off incorrect intel. Pipedrive connects to the major email providers to automatically collect conversations and other contextual information. Email templates aid speed with a personal touch.


Prioritise your mountain of follow-up actions. Pipedrive’s scheduling tool connects to your calendar and feeds into the main dashboard. Overdue or urgent actions appear at the top of this page or can be set to highlight red, making ‘deal rotting’ far less likely. You can also schedule activities directly from your inbox.

Link products to leads

Not all sales are equal. Create custom products with ease and assign them product codes, costs to product, and so on. From there you can add them to a customer record and view all customers across an entire product line.

Reporting & Forecasting

Visual reports can be easily interrogated to reveal the detail behind the data. Use Pipedrive’s reporting to compare individual results and identify opportunities for improvement. With Pipedrive’s forecasting you can also spot a problem before it becomes one.

Web forms

Capture and convert leads direct from your website in response to a clear call-to-action. Automatically creates contacts in your pipeline. Pipedrive’s forms are easy to customise and install, even for non-techies.


Connect Pipedrive to your other tools to supercharge your sales. There’s 100s of apps in the Marketplace, covering bots and messaging, lead generation, calendar syncing, accounting, contracts and a Zapier add-on, opening up a world of possibilities. API access allows you to develop custom features, such as integrations with website forms and call centres.

Things to consider.

Intuitive setup and use

Pipedrive doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an extremely lightweight CRM and sales software. The trade-off for an intuitive interface is losing some of the more sophisticated sales features you get with other providers. However, for many small sales teams it’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make. Pipedrive uses easy-to-understand symbols and colours to enable users to quickly interpret what’s being shown. Core pages are logically structured and easy to navigate. Icons point you in the right direction for key tasks. Dragging and dropping functionality enables customisation. And text fields and ‘add new’ appear where they should. As you can expect, the more intuitive the software, the greater chances there are of every member of the team using it properly and to its full potential.

Multi-country selling

Pipedrive speaks over 10 languages and can handle all major currencies. We won’t list them all here, but it’s all the ones you’d expect. You can also create your own custom currency, perhaps if you deal in something other than standard currency, such as product or service trades.

A system to follow

Teamwork makes the dream work. However, getting everybody working together – in the same way, towards the same goals – is easier said than done. When firing up Pipedrive, you’ll always land on a single, streamlined view of your sales process and a list of tasks for the day. It provides clarity on what’s expected of each person and their performance against targets. No more unreliable sales spreadsheets and annoying admin.

On-to-go apps

Accomplish main tasks on the go with Pipedrive CRM’s apps for Android and iPhone. Quickly see your deals, activities, conversation history and contacts, or use the search function to find important data. You can also track calls, schedule follow-up tasks, and search the calendar for the week ahead. Should you forget anything, the app’s push notifications will send a helpful reminder.

Leads vs. Contacts

Don’t mistake Pipedrive for a fully-blown CRM system. Every new person added to Pipedrive is automatically viewed as a lead, whatever their likelihood of becoming a customer. Other types of contacts aren’t best placed in Pipedrive, meaning you’ll need another means of managing those relationships, such as HubSpot.

Pricedrive pricing.


Everything you need to create a clear sales process and organise your team.
£15per user, per month
  • Calendar view
  • Goals
  • User permission sets
  • Smart email BCC
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Chat & email support


Optimise your sales process and maximise conversions.
£29per user, per month
  • Calendar view
  • Goals
  • User permission sets
  • Sales Inbox including:
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Workflow Automation
  • Smart contact data
  • Scheduler
  • Products catalogue
  • Important fields
  • Chat & email support


Fully manage teams and track their performance.
£59per user, per month
  • Calendar view
  • Goals
  • User permission sets
  • Sales Inbox
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Workflow Automation
  • Smart contact data
  • Scheduler
  • Products catalogue
  • Important fields
  • Teams
  • Revenue forecast reports
  • SAML SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Chat & email support

As per the competition, Pipedrive’s pricing is on a per user basis. A simple pricing structure, with three tiers, spending more unlocks more features, such as automation of repetitive tasks, deal forecasting, shared sales inboxes, and the ability for prospects to book appointments at a time that suits both parties.

Access to Pipedrive CRM costs nothing, with no credit card required to check it out. You only pay when you start adding users.

Annual plans receive a 17% discount.


Pipedrive CRM squeezes out every last ounce of productivity from your sales team by focusing the actions that drive deals towards completion. The interface leaves no doubt what is expected of each team member and organises their attention on the activities that matter most. By streamlining features and presenting them in a visual manner, it means all members of the team can easily follow instructions and maximise their contribution to the bottom line.

For management, it grants an immediate and accurate view of current performance against targets – both at an individual level and as a company. Features such as web forms, email integration, conversation tracking and easy reporting, means Pipedrive can be airlifted into any sales department without needing to rely on technical support.

For small sales teams, this will be enough. Selling is a team sport and Pipedrive does an excellent job of optimising team effort. You’ll probably need another CRM system to handle you other contacts and perform marketing activities but with 100 possible integrations, the two systems should easily work together.

All in all, Pipedrive CRM promises to be an inexpensive, intuitive and highly effective way of improving the performance of your sales function. For a lot of companies, that’s priceless.


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