RecurPost review - Social media autoposting

Surge Review: RecurPost, the Social Media Autopilot


Stuart Goulden


RecurPost is a marketing tool used to extend the social life of your evergreen content by automatically it sharing on a recurring basis. You can read our interview with its founder, Dinesh Agarwal, here.

  • Rating 7.5/10
  • Price FREE+
  • Free plan. Easy scheduling. All major platforms.
  • Lacking advanced scheduling functionality.

What is RecurPost?

Delegate the burden of posting your reuasble social media content to RecurPost. It could be old blog posts, recommended articles, customer case studies, product reviews, or links to individual products.

From there the content can be assigned to a mixture of Facebook (profiles, pages or groups), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the soon defunct Google Plus, with your update tailored to each platform. You have total control over the where, what and frequency of each post, or can assign this responsibility to Recurpost which will optimise them for you.

Once its autopilot is setup, Recurpost will keep your best content alive for longer and save you hours crafting and posting individual updates.

RecurPost Features.

Content Libraries

Add content to your libraries one-by-one or in bulk. Import options include: web app; Chrome plugin; directly via other tools; mobile app; Google Alerts or RSS feed (Premium).


Preview and customise a shared link across multiple social accounts. You can change the date and time as well as the title, image, and description, adding hashtags or emojis with ease. Posts can be edited any time before sending.

Manual Scheduling

Simply select the library, your social profiles and the frequency - daily, weekly, or monthly. Recurpost takes care of the rest. Choosing ‘monthly’ also allows you to select specific dates for the posts.


Ask Recurpost’s AI to automatically determine the best time of day to share an update based on when your audience is most likely to respond.

Calendar View

A visual overview of scheduled posts across all your platforms and accounts as far as two months in advance. You can also edit posts from here.


See what is working or not, and make changes to optimise your content and its chances of engagement. Compare against previous periods too.

Content Expiry

Place an end-date on your content. You can also pause and resume social accounts – a handy feature if you’re running client campaigns.


A new feature! RecurPost allows you to invite your team members to collaborate with you on your account.

Things to consider.

Posting videos

Videos appear natively on the major platforms, unlike some competitors. However posting videos at all requires a premium subscription.

Rigid frequency

Whilst the daily/weekly/monthly options keep things simple, some people may wish for more flexibility. Workarounds are possible and choosing ‘monthly’ allows you to specify the day of the month at least.

Knowledge base

RecurPost is intuitive enough to master alone but should you get stuck there’s a wealth of help articles on hand. Or you can schedule a live demo direct from the console.

Platform compliance

Social tools can sometimes fall foul of the terms of service of the major platforms. RecurPost regularly keeps on top of TOS updates, such as not being able to post the same message to multiple Twitter accounts, and the product is lean enough to make the required feature changes.

RecurPost pricing.


  • Up to 3 Social Accounts
  • 100 Recurring Updates
  • 10 Daily Posts Per Social Account
  • Unlimited Content Libraries
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Smart Scheduling


$15per month
  • Up to 3 Social Accounts
  • 10 Recurring Updates
  • 10 Daily Posts Per Social Account
  • Unlimited Content Libraries
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Smart Scheduling
  • + 2 RSS Feeds
  • + Team Members
  • + Video Updates
  • + Import Updates From Other Tools


$25per month
  • Up to 10 Social Accounts
  • 1000 Recurring Updates
  • 20 Daily Posts Per Social Account
  • Unlimited Content Libraries
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Smart Scheduling
  • + 10 RSS Feeds
  • + Video Updates
  • + Import Updates From Other Tools


$50per month
  • 20 Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Recurring Updates
  • 40 Daily Posts Per Social Account
  • 2 Team Members
  • Editorial Calendar
  • 20 RSS Feeds
  • Video Updates
  • Import Updates From Other Tools
  • Smart Scheduling

The free plan gets you a lot and should be plenty for small businesses. Upgrading unlocks the ability to schedule more posts to a greater number of accounts. It will also turn on video updates and content imports from RSS feeds and other social media management tools. Deal hunters will want to pay annually, to get two months free.


If you run your own business, it’s easy to forget to post to social media on a regular basis. Luckily, Recurpost automates the chore of doing so, taking evergreen content from a bank you’ve deposited into or automatically from RSS feeds.

Like all strong tools, it doesn’t try to do too much. The feature-set is built with this sole purpose in mind and scheduling your first batch of content can be achieved in only a few minutes. What’s more, if you don’t wish to keep more than three social accounts updated, you can do so on the free plan. Businesses or agencies overseeing multiple brands or clients will however get a lot of value from paid versions of RecurPost.

One might argue that recycling old posts isn’t in the spirit of social sharing or an effective engagement strategy for businesses to adopt. However, RecurPost does so in a manner that is consistent with the terms of service of the main platforms, with the end result boosting exposure and engagement in a way that doesn’t feel unnatural.

For any features that are lacking we are reliably informed the core functionality will continue to be developed based on user feedback.

All in all, RecurPost is an extremely cost-effective solution for a very real problem. We use it ourselves for Surge, which is the highest endorsement we can give it.


Founder of future-led marketing agency and start-up studio, Like No Other.