Surge Review: Serpstat, the swiss-army knife of SEO


Stuart Goulden


Serpstat is a great all-rounder SEO toolkit, ready to help you discover new keyword opportunities, content ideas and competitor insights.

  • Rating 8.5/10
  • Price $19 p/m+
Serpstat revew - Surge - the all-in-one SEO platform for digital marketing
  • One-stop-shop. Data accuracy. Affordable price-point. Product development.
  • Complicated pricing structure

What is Serpstat?

SerpStat is a comprehensive SEO toolkit that promises to inform better content and drive more traffic to your website.

Originally founded as keyword research tool in 2013, it has morphed into a well-rounded SEO and PPC companion. Today it offers five different modules, each with its own purpose:

  1. Rank tranking
  2. Backlink analysis
  3. Keyword research
  4. Site audit
  5. Competitor research

Used to its full potential, this data tells you how effective and efficient your marketing is, offering an overview of your website’s visibility and competitiveness in real time.

Serpstat’s database now boasts more than 100 million keywords, 180 million ads and 200 million search suggestions, putting it up there with the titans of SEO tools. The service’s user base has surged in recent years too, with 30,000 SEO and PPC specialists, digital marketers, content managers relying on its excellent tools.

So, what do they see in it? Let’s tackle those features one by one…

Serpstat Features.

Keyword Research

Get a better view of any keyword’s popularity and difficulty. Use performance indicators such as search volume, cost-per-click, level of competition, or number of search results to assess keyword value.

Competitor analysis

Discover what competitors are ranking for, across both paid and organic, and identifies where opportunities lay. SEMrush’s tools also pick up on new organic competitors and any position changes of domains.

Ranking Tracking

Serpstat’s advanced algorithm shines here. Track the top 100 domains for every keyword across 12,000 major cities, and all the world’s countries and languages. Discover your positions (top 10, top 40 etc) and your overall market share of your chosen keywords.

Content Marketing Ideas

Content suggestions to satisfy your audience’s needs. Find their unanswered questions, tap into Serpstat’s related keywords database and spot emerging trends.

Competitor analysis

Compare domains side-by-side, showing their relative position in both organic and paid search results for each common keyword. Also understand which pages have the highest visibility and what drives it.

On-page Audits

Perform an instant in-depth analysis of web pages, highlighting the key ranking factors and opportunities for optimisation.

Backlink analysis

Serpstat’s backlink dashboard gives a great overview of your most-linked content, referring domains and pages, their follow/nofollow status, and their Page Rank, Trust Rank and Alexa score. It also shows new/lost backlinks collected over the last 120 days.

Things to consider.

Results accuracy

A common complaint amongst users of Google Search Console and lesser commercial providers is that the data they report can be way off. Not so Serpstat. We found their SERP and keyword data to be highly accurate and up-to-date.

Actionable insights

Serpstat presents its data in a way to help you make decisions e.g. reports automatically pick out any keywords that your competitors’ pages have a top 10 ranking for but you do not.

Impressive UI

Beyond its usefulness, Serpstat’s UI is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Information can be presented in lots of ways: as raw data; charts; exported; as alerts; and even white label reports. Serpstat puts you in the driving seat.

API access

Serpstat is an extremely API-friendly platform as virtually every report and data point is yours how, when and where you want it.

Keyword history

Another bonus from Serpstat is the intelligence shared across its huge userbase. If someone else has previously tracked your chosen keyword you’ll get access to its full SERP history.

Unlimited users

No exploitative pricing hacks here. Invite clients and colleagues into your project hubs at no extra cost. Makes the process of reporting as easy as it should be.

Serpstat pricing.


One person through to super users
$19-$229per month
  • Access to all geographies
  • Queries per day: 300-8,000
  • Results per report: 100-50,000
  • In-depth URL Analysis
  • Access to Google.KZ
  • Tracked Keywords: 200-5,000
  • Competitors Domains to track
  • Backlink Queries per day: 100-1,600
  • Backlink results per report: 100-50,000
  • Site Audit
  • -
  • Teams
  • Missing Keywords
  • Related Keywords
  • Access to API
  • Keyword Clustering
  • Chat Support
  • Shareable Reports


Big corporations and digital agencies
$499-$5,000per month
  • Access to all geographies
  • Queries per day: 12,000-1,000,000
  • Results per search report: 75,000-1,000,000
  • Missing Keywords
  • Related Keywords
  • In-depth URL Analysis
  • Access to Google.KZ
  • Access to API
  • Tracked Keywords: 7,500-60,000
  • Competitors Domains to track
  • Access to Mobile Tracking
  • Backlink Queries per day: 2,400-100,000
  • Backlink results per report: 50,000-100,000
  • Site Audit
  • Teams
  • Keyword Clustering
  • White Label Reports
  • Phone Support

Serpstat’s pricing is dependent on the number of keywords and queries and depth of usage. Annual subscriptions come with a 20% discount.


Septstat’s low price point and high feature count is a killer combination, making them a competitive contender for any marketer’s toolkit.

If you understand the basics of SEO and are willing to invest 2-5 hours with Serpstat you’ll gain enough actionable insight to improve the visibility of your website. Make that investment on an ongoing basis and it’ll pay real dividends.

Serpstat’s rapid growth into an all-in-one SEO and PPC planning tool is our gain. It’s clear they’re using their revenues to develop new features, meaning it’ll only continue to get better too.

So if you’re looking for an accurate and reliable SEO tool that you can stick with for the long-term, Serpstat is certainly worth a try. Make the most out of their free trial and see for yourself.


Founder of future-led marketing agency and start-up studio, Like No Other.