VYPER review - Viral Giveaway

Surge Review: VYPER, viral giveaways to grow your email list


Stuart Goulden


Viral contests are a stable of many growth hacker’s marketing armoury. A giveaway powered by VYPER taps into the competitive nature of entrants, as they supercharge your subscriber numbers, social followings and exposure by referring your company to their circles of contacts. Read our interview with VYPER co-founder Jack Paxton.

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What is VYPER?

VYPER leverages the viral popularity of giveaways to amplify awareness of your brand and grow your email lists, social followings and, ultimately, customers.

Entrants are granted one ticket to the contest by submitting their email address. They can then climb the VYPER leaderboard by undertaking bonus “refer-a-friend” type actions. In gamifying the process, the competition fuels itself and attracts entirely new audiences to your marketing. As such, it’s a fun, yet highly effective way to launch your product or service or to get your customers to refer new ones.

Once the giveaway is over, VYPER’s email follow-up feature allows you to send emails straight from the platform and spark a long-term relationship with your brand.

VYPER features.


People enter the competition with their email address. If you’re launching into a new niche without an existing audience, you could "seed" your contest with paid ads, partnerships, influencers, forums and the like.


Now it gets interesting. Entrants climb up the leaderboard as they complete bonus actions. The more they share, follow or like, the better their chances of winning. And as get closer to the top, they’ll be motivated to keep going.


Every contest needs a prize. The number of entries is influenced by the perceived value of the prize and the bonus actions you lay out. However, the quality of those leads is dictated by the prize’s relevance. Make it meaningful.

Milestone rewards

Incentivise even more referrals by offering swag and other rewards for reaching clear milestones. For example, placements (e.g. Top 10), 50 entries collected, and so on. Those free gifts and coupon codes will work wonders for your referral numbers.

Follow-up Emails

VYPER’s follow-up feature allows you to send emails straight from the platform, while embedding a contestant's unique share link. Don’t be shy. Use it to nudge them towards the next milestone or after the competition to convert to a sale.

Interactive Pop-ups

Lost amongst the noise is the fact that VYPER also offer interactive pop-ups. Make your visitors "earn" their coupon codes with a quick game, boosting their likelihood of using it. Customise its design to your site and install it with ease.

Growth Widget

VYPER also has the option to add your viral contest to any page on your website. The customisable widget can be used as a contest or an evergreen lead capture tool, floating above existing content or embedded within the page.

Terms & Conditions

Don’t forget your contest T&Cs. VYPER has a handy template you can use and adapt to your contest and industry. Companies in the EU will need to be GDRP compliant, something easily achieved with checkboxes to opt-out of marketing emails.

Hosting Options

Move beyond the lowest pricing tier and you can set-up a contest on your own URL. Either do so on a subdomain or use an embedded landing page. What’s more, the Enterprise plan is unbranded.

Things to consider.


Hook VYPER up to your existing email marketing service. Integrations include Mailchimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, Sendy, Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, Sendlane, Autopilot, GetResponse, MailerLite, and Drip. You can also export entrants to a CSV file.

Have a clear goal

Know what you want to achieve with your contest. Is it to boost your email list? Social following? Sales? App downloads? Whilst you can encourage multiple actions, having a clear goal in mind will focus entrant behaviour.

Feed ongoing engagement

Maximise the number of entries by fanning the flames of your viral giveaway. Yes, the bonus actions will help, but consider how else you can increase its reach. By planning a campaign period of 4-6 weeks with a good spread of entry points, you can turn a mediocre contest into a viral sensation.

Potential uses beyond contests

The same gamification mechanics can easily be applied to other types of content. We’ve seen VYPER used to unlock bonus content such as whitepapers, ‘how to’ guides and to grant entry into Slack communities.

VYPER pricing.


50% annual discount
$25per month
  • Use all VYPER tools
  • Collect up to 20,000 emails per campaign
  • Use embedded forms
  • Contains VYPER branding


50% annual discount
$65per month
  • All Pro features
  • Cryptocurrency contests allowed
  • Collect 50,000 emails per campaign
  • Remove VYPER branding
  • Use custom domain or subdomain


50% annual discount
$149per month
  • All Enterprise features
  • Use for 10 different sites
  • Collect unlimited emails per campaign
  • Multiple users to your account

Try VYPER and set-up your contest for free, no credit card required. You only pay when you're ready to go live. Annual plans receive a 50% discount.


VYPER, and viral contests more generally, are a fun way to generate a lot of leads, very quickly.

It’s not unheard of for some giveaways to generate hundreds of thousands of entrants

Realistically, the minimum return you can expect is 1,000+ new subscribers, if you’re starting from scratch. However, if you’re able to leverage an existing database or have an advertising budget to run alongside the contest, it could multiply your subscribers and followers many times over. In order to do so, and to guarantee the quality of your leads is high, you’ll have to get your prizes right. A generic prize, however generous, will leave you with a junk list that has no interest in hearing from you once the competition is over.

VYPER removes the hassle of setting up a contest and they’ve perfected the art of getting the most out of every entry for your brand. The leaderboard, milestone rewards and follow-up email functionality all work together in perfect harmony to keep engagement high and focused on the actions you want people to take. VYPER also does a few things behind the scenes to stop people gaming the system and keep everyone who enters happy.

None of this is free. In absence of a free tier or trial, VYPER’s pricing remains affordable, especially if you’re able to commit to a few campaigns with an annual subscription. A well-planned and executed contest should generate a significant return on your investment and leave you with enough new leads to keep your new business funnel full for a long time.


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