Surges Reviews Email & Newsletters

  • Moosend

    Drag & drop emails that get opened, read and clicked on. No-code landing pages too.

  • Userlist

    Nurture your SaaS customers with timely (and tiny) automated nudges

    Surges Star 30%
  • Sumo

    Grow your email list and Shopify store, for free!

  • Drift

    Intelligent chatbots to convert more traffic and book more meetings from email.

  • Lasi

    Add banner ads or subscription forms into every link you share on social.

    Surges Star
  • Sniply

    Add a custom call-to-action to any page you share on social.

  • Campaign Monitor

    Drag and drop your way to beautiful emails and automated customer journeys.

  • ConvertKit

    Monetise your passion with automated email marketing

    Surges Star
  • Woodpecker

    Cold emails warmed up, thanks to helpful automation

  • NeverBounce

    Hit every customer’s inbox with real-time email verification and email cleaning services.

  • MailChimp

    Create integrated campaigns and make email marketing work for you. A one-stop-shop for growing your online business.

  • Automizy

    An easy automation builder. Create high-performing email campaigns based on visitors’ precise actions.

  • Drip

    Unlock the power of ECRM to deliver personalised experiences from email, to social and beyond. Do so at scale and with automatic revenue attribution.


    Everything you need to automate personalised messages to customers past, present and soon-to-be at scale.

  • TinyLetter

    The most minimalist of newsletter services. Forever free, from MailChimp.

  • SendGrid

    The MailChimp alternative for emailers at scale. Unrivalled deliverability rates, good-looking templates and trusty automation.

  • Revue

    Monetise your audience with a newsletter. Super easy to use with paid subscriptions and ad selling options.


    Create viral giveaways to grow your email list and build your brand.

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