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  • Shakr

    Turn your best animated creatives into programmable advertising templates. Tailor to age groups, region, segments and more.

  • VideoScribe

    Stock footage illustrations you can drag-and-drop to make your own. Complete with music and voiceovers.

  • Capture Captain

    Create authentic social videos via this all-in-one app – no training needed.

  • Wisecut

    AI and voice powered video editing. Automatically creates jump cuts, subtitles, soundtracks, and more.

  • TubeBuddy

    Certified YouTube SEO tool for video SEO and channel management. Get more views and increase subscribers.

  • Inksprout

    Social media video and captions generator for any link

    Surges Star 70%
  • StoryXpress

    Chrome plugin to easily record your webcam or screen, or turn images and GIFs into videos.

  • Loom

    Record video messages of your screen or camera with ease. A faster way to serve.

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