RecurPost Review: Recycle your top social posts again & again & again

13th October 2021


RecurPost extends the social life of your evergreen content by automatically it sharing on a recurring basis. The time-saving tool works with all the top platforms and has a variation hack to stay within Twitter’s rules. RecurPost has a ton of other useful features to rinse and repeat your best posts, making it a trusty sidekick for any snowed-under social media manager.


  • All major platforms
  • Unlimited Tweet variations
  • Simple setup
  • Reasonable pricing


  • No A/B testing
  • No Stories feature
  • Rigid frequency

The Story

What is RecurPost?

Become a prolific social poster in only a few clicks!

You’ve invested time and energy in creating killer piece of content. Perhaps a 5,000-word SEO-rich article, a customer case study you’re rightly proud of, glowing product reviews or your best-selling product. Make sure it gets discovered again and again by automatically reposting it to your social accounts with RecurPost.

Once its RecurPost is setup, it will keep your best content alive for longer and save you hours crafting and posting individual updates. You have total control over the where, what and frequency of each post, or can assign this responsibility to RecurPost which will optimise it all for you. It will even pull stories from your favourite blogs’ RSS Feeds or Google Alerts, keeping your content calendar full and varied.

Meet the Maker:
Dinesh Agarwal

RecurPost was founded by Dinesh Agarwal, a scientist turned entrepreneur from Surat in India.

His lightbulb moment for the tool came when trading marketing support for equity in startups, responsible for raising awareness and growing their order books. “What if I could give life to their best content from past that has been forgotten?” he asked himself.

One of the internal tools he built solved they very issue, resurfacing golden content time and again with very little effort.

We spoke to Dinesh about his experiences as a Maker and how he intends for RecurPost users to see a return on their subscription within three months.

Read the interview

The Product

How we tested RecurPost

RecurPost’s free plan allows you to add up to three social accounts and recycle 100 evergreen posts. That’s pretty generous!

I used to use it myself for Surges, which is just about the highest endorsement I can give it. It fixes a very real problem for me in that I have a love/hate relationship with social media – one month it saps far too much of my time, followed by much-needed periods of digital detox. Auto-schedulers such as RecurPost allow me to post my reviews once and forget it, freeing up time to check out more marketing tools.

I haven’t used all the features, such as team management and white label reporting, but consider these to be a sideshow to the main act of recurring posts.

Getting started with RecurPost

This is your control centre and the first screen your hit with after creating an account.

RecurPost review   Welcome Screen

First step is start connecting your social accounts – there’s 9 types to choose from, across all the major platforms bar Pinterest. A couple of clicks and your set.

RecurPost review   Connect Social Accounts

Now it’s all about building up your content library and content calendar.

RecurPost review   Compose Message

You’ve a few options here: Paste a link you want to share, import from a CSV, grab your existing posts from your social account or compose an update from scratch. All that’s left is to work out your reposting schedule (e.g. every week or month) and RecurPost does the rest.

This setup is about as easy as it comes. I can’t even comprehend the hours saved already!

Features you’ll love

  • Content library – your evergreen content

    Easily add content to your libraries, either in bulk or by crafting posts one-by-one. Import options include: web app; Chrome plugin; directly via other tools; mobile app; Google Alerts or RSS feed (Premium).

    From there, you can schedule directly onto all the major platforms, including Facebook (Profile, Page, Group), LinkedIn (Post, Company Page), Twitter (Profile), Instagram (Personal or Business Profile) or Google My Business. Sadly, there’s no integration with Instagram Stories yet.

  • Post previews – craft once, share forever

    Preview and customise a shared link across multiple social accounts. You can change the date and time as well as the title, image and description, adding hashtags or emojis with ease. Posts can be edited any time before sending and can be stopped anytime.

  • Scheduling – manual or automatic

    The frequency of your posts can be easily set to daily, weekly, or monthly. Choosing ‘monthly’ also allows you to select specific dates for the posts.

    Alternatively, you can ask RecurPost’s AI to automatically determine the best time of day to share an update based on when your audience is most likely to respond. It’s worth noting that info is limited on exactly how they determine the optimum time to post and haven’t tested it myself to verify its effectiveness.

  • Calendar view – your visual overview

    Behold your now busy content calendar. RecurPost gives you a neat at-a-glance view of your scheduled posts across all the major platforms as far ahead as two months in advance. You can also edit posts from here before they go out, add images and set end dates.

  • Social inbox [NEW] - keep customers happy

    Keep your finger on the pulse by getting all your DMs, messages, comments and requests in one place. RecurPost’s inbox dashboard also lets you assign replies, reply directly without having to visit the platform, apply custom labels and favourite important messages.

  • Reports – do more of what works

    See what works, or not, and make changes to increase its future chances of engagement. You can compare against previous periods too and white label reports for clients. You’ll need a separate social tool for anything more advanced (e.g. demographic breakdowns) but RecurPost can work with link shorteners for some extra insights.

  • Teamwork – collaborate with others (Premium)

    Growing your social profile can be a team sport. Upgrade to Medium plans and above and RecurPost allows you to invite your team members and virtual assistants to collaborate with you on your account.

    This includes approving and rejecting content. If something is going out again and again you’ll want it to be on brand and adding value.


Things to consider

  • Platform compliance - Unlimited tweet variations

    Social tools often fall foul of terms of service updates. RecurPost keeps on top of these and tweaks its features accordingly, such as rewriting your post to get round Twitter’s rule on not sending the same Tweet multiple times on the same account or on multiple accounts.

  • Stories – one big blind spot

    Vanishing stories are exploding so it’s a big hole in RecurPost’s offering. Tools such as Buffer allow you to prepare multiple Stories at a time with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Given the different orientation – portrait vs landscape – RecurPost will have to weigh up whether adding more formats slows down their streamlined reposting flow.

  • Rigid frequency – but with workarounds

    Whilst the daily/weekly/monthly options keep things simple, some people may wish for more flexibility when it comes to how often their posts resurface. One workaround we discovered is by choosing ‘monthly’ you can manually specify the day of the month. Not perfect but it’ll do.

RecurPost Pricing

from $0 per month


RecurPost’s free plan gets your 10 updates per day, per account and should be plenty for sporadic social updaters. However, if you want to be prolific, upgrading unlocks video updates, team features, tweet variations and content imports from RSS feeds and other social media management tools. Not bad for $15 per month!

Deal hunters will want to pay annually to get two months free.

RecurPost Alternatives

There’s tons of social media aggregators and schedulers, but relatively few that offer automatic reposting. MeetEdgar is most well known, however their Lite plan only offers 10 scheduled slots per social account, per week, whereas RecurPost gets you more. Both offer native video and image posting, libraries to store and organise your content and reports. The big bonus with Meet Edgar is auto-variations and A/B testing, so you can post once and continuously improve – a slight upgrade on post and forget. MeetEdgar probably just has the nod on its interface too.

RecurPost Support   👍  or   👎

RecurPost is intuitive enough to master alone but should you get stuck there’s a wealth of help articles on hand. Or you can schedule a free live demo direct from the console.

The Verdict

Surges score


If you run your own business, it’s easy to forget to post to social media on a regular basis. Luckily, RecurPost automates the chore of doing so, reposting your greatest hits across all the main platforms.

Like all user-friendly tools, it doesn’t try to do too much. Its feature set sticks to this sole purpose and your first batch of content can be scheduled in only a few minutes after sign-up. What’s more, if you don’t wish to keep more than three social accounts updated, you can do so on the free plan. Businesses or agencies overseeing multiple brands or clients will however get a lot of value from paid versions of RecurPost and, starting at $15 per month, it’s more than affordable.

One might argue that recycling old posts isn’t in the spirit of social sharing or an effective engagement strategy for businesses to adopt, however RecurPost solves a much greater crime of not promoting your top content enough. It also counters with unlimited variations of your posts on Twitter, the end result feeling perfectly natural to anybody exposed to the same content multiple times.

It’s encouraging to see RecurPost improving all the time. Its new Social Inbox is the biggest update, allowing you to see and reply to all DMs, messages, comments and requests in one place. More recent updates include: the ability to post to Facebook Groups as a FB Page; a more responsive site; and longform posting on LinkedIn (up to 3,000 characters).

All in all, RecurPost is an extremely cost-effective solution for a very real problem. Once you’ve set it up, you needed worry about it ever again – the very definition of marketing automation!

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