The Surges story Honest reviews and founder interviews

Start with why.

It feels awesome when a marketing tool surges your business. Makes a sale. Grows your subscriber list. Gains social fame. Attracts new members. Automates manual processes. Gets your #1 spot on Google. Does the work of an entire marketing department.

There’s a marketing tool for everything.

Surges is on a mission to find the very best ones for your business.

Honest and independent.

Surges is an antidote to fake reviews and dodgy endorsements.

No money has changed hands to review any of these tools. I’ve tested them all myself, dipping into my own pocket.

I (Stuart Goulden) do so in my day job – running an agency of one - and in growing Surges. I wouldn’t recommended anything I wouldn’t use on my own startups or clients.

Yes, you’ll find affiliate links on our pages but doesn’t impact our impartiality. I do this for the simple pleasure of discovering new tools, mastering old ones - and passing them on.

Championing the Makers.

I like to know who’s behind what I buy.

Surges’ Maker interviews my way of cheering on the underdog and sharing their story.

In reading their motivation, backgrounds, ways of working, bumps in the road and future plans, you get to hear the difference your subscription to their product makes and whether they’re aligned to your view of the world.

Just the beginning.

It’s still very early days for Surges. The site is far from perfect and there’s always more tools to review.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please do let me know how I’m doing and shout if you spot a tool worthy of a bigger audience.

Make marketing tools your superpower

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