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  1. MicroAcquire to Flippa – 12 startup marketplaces you can trust

    How to buy and sell startups via online marketplaces. Including average deal size, SaaS multipliers, key metrics, level of due diligence and fees.

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  2. How to use software review sites (11 top tips)

    Every review is a vote for or against your brand or business software. Make the best review sites work for you.

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  3. 105 free startup directories for link-building – fresh for 2021

    You’ve taken the leap and launched your website. Now let’s get you some backlinks via startup directories.

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  4. The best marketing software - according to SaaS founders

    One of my favorite Meet the Maker questions is to ask what tools they rely on, beyond their own. Here's their answers...

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  5. What are the biggest SaaS trends of 2021?

    The pandemic has been making of SaaS. More of us are working, shopping, socialising and everything else in between at home and digital marketing tools are helping businesses to function and thrive in this new world.

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  6. Start Selling Online

    Thanks to these marketing and ecommerce tools, there’s only a few steps left before you fulfil your dream of selling online.

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  7. Privacy Heroes - the best privacy tools for marketers

    A new breed of privacy marketing tools that don’t track customers round the web or trade personal data for profit. Cover privacy blogs, search engines and ad networks.

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