Content is King

Updated on 26th May 2020

Our pick of the best content creation tools out there.

Everybody is doing content marketing. Few reap its rewards.

When your business creates valuable content that really helps current and future customers, you improve your chances of grabbing their attention, winning their affections and securing their custom.

What separates the top inbound marketers from the rest? They count on entire ecosystems of marketing tools to be prolific, seen, shared and then convert that traffic.

We run through our pick of the best content creation tools out there…

Topic and keyword research

There’s a plethora of great SEO tools to help discover what people are searching for in your niche and who’s quenching their thirst with relevant content. You can then swoop in with a better, more authoritative and keyword rich version.

Moz, Ahrefs & Ubersuggest all have great free keyword research tools you can use.

SEMrush and HubSpot are more complete all-rounders, going one step further with SEO Content Templates and as-you-type SEO Writing Assistants to create and optimise rank-worthy content.

SEMrush homepage review

SEMrush even advises on target word count and the ideal format for your piece (e.g. listicle, FAQs, embedded videos).

Gather the troops

Prolific content creation is rarely a solo sport. Tools such as SEMrush and GatherContent enable rapid workflow between marketing team members.

GatherContent Homepage review

Scaling up your content production becomes easier as you plan, create and approve content collaboratively. Maintaining a busy content calendar takes a lot of hard work – GatherContent, SEMrush and Hubspot help to keep things organised and enjoyable.

Be ahead of the curve

An insatiable appetite for new content can take you all over the web. That’s a lot of searching, filtering and reading! That’s where Feedly comes in. The tool collects stories from all your favourite subscriptions, making it easier to:

  • Tap into the latest musings of thought leaders
  • Stay ahead of industry trends and topics
  • Skim-read articles and blog posts in record time
  • Know when something is published about your brand

What’s more, Feedly is free!

Feedly Homepage review

Unleash your inner writer

You’ve got your content ideas. Now it’s time to put pen to paper.

There’s a host of free AI-powered editing assistants to help you become the best writer you can be.

Grammarly’s editing tools check the tone, spelling and grammar of your content before you hit publish. Making sure you express yourself clearly and error-free.


Ernest Hemingway, admired for his succinct writing, is the namesake for another editing app. Copy and paste your words into the Hemingway app and get back a score for clarity and tips to improve it.

Optimise for search engines

You’ve made your content easier to read for humans. Now let’s do the same for Google.

The Moz On-page Grader is a simple checklist tool to score and improve your content’s visibility for specific keywords and topics. Enter a keyword and page URL to see the small changes that can make a big difference to your rankings.

Moz Homepsage Review

It’s a simple but highly effective step ensuring your content gets maximum eyeballs.

Find beautiful imagery

Don’t undermine your work with irrelevant or cringy stock photos. Unsplash is a treasure trove of beautiful pics donated by top photographers around the world. You’re free to download them to use how and where you like. Crediting is welcome but not mandatory. Similarly so Startup Stock Photos.

There’s also completely free libraries of illustrations, for just about every scenario imaginable over at DrawKit and unDraw.

Make your headlines stand out

Make sure your headline is as awesome as it can be. CoSchedule’s free Headline Analyzer assesses your headlines for quality metrics that are proven to get more social shares, SEO kickback and traffic.

CoSchedule’s free Headline Analyzer

Uncommon words, keywords, headline length and emotion can all play a part. Every tweak you make generates a new score. I’ll warn you though, it’s every bit as addictive as it is effective!

Seed it with your subscribers

Your expertly-crafted content deserves an audience.

Mailchimp’s in-built tools help you to design beautiful newsletters without the need to ever write a line of code or hire a designer. review

TinyLetter is its minimalist alternative, stripping back all the extra features to make composing and sending newsletters as simple as it should be.

Tell your followers and fans

Effortlessly cross-post your social media content, across all the major platforms.

Tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite are the favourites among big teams, managing multiple accounts on multiple platforms.

Recurpost   social scheduling review

Whereas RecurPost and MeetEdgar have a few additional features can automatically write status updates based on the content of your new blog post, self-schedule posts and even repost evergreen content, keeping it alive for longer.

Convert browsers into buyers

There’s no shortage of tools to channel these new visitors to your website into leads.

HubSpot weighs in with embeddable forms, landing pages and live chat that feed into its CRM. Unbounce and Autopilot make sure those leads still warm by automating your lead handling processes. Fomo excels at turning user actions into friendly social proof pop-ups that boost conversion.

Fomo Homepage review

The interactions these tools encourage mean that visitors enter your sales funnel with real purpose, after reading content that is aligned with the problem your business solves.

Make marketing tools your superpower

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  • Sneak peeks
  • Discount codes
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