MeetEdgar Review: Recycle your top social posts with automatic variants

19th August 2020


MeetEdgar ensures your greatest hits play for longer by automatically sharing your content on a recurring basis. The set-and-forget social media tool gives the gift of automation with AI-powered variations and scheduling needed to avoid too much repetition.


  • Auto-variations
  • Content importing
  • Easy setup
  • $19 Lite plan


  • Low limits on $19 plan
  • No drag and drop interface
  • Only imports a single image
  • No export functionality

The Story

What is MeetEdgar?

MeetEdgar resurfaces your evergreen content on social media, all by itself. Its clever features can automatically write status updates, self-schedule posts and keep reposting red hot posts across most of the big platforms.

The best bit is you can plug and play a year’s worth of evergreen content in less than an hour!

Too good to be true? Thankfully not!

Meet the Maker:
Laura Roeder

MeetEdgar was created by founder and CEO Laura Roeder to help indie business owners punch way above their weight.

In 2009, Laura was running a social media training firm at the time and wanted to escape the spreadsheet hell of crafting and scheduling social media posts. Realising there was no way to recycle social media updates, she set about building one.

Things have escalated significantly since then. Despite being 100% bootstrapped MeetEdgar is many people and millions of updates stronger. We spoke to Laura about her journey, why kindness, sincerity and fun are central to everything they do and how they balance automation with freshness.

Read the interview

The Product

How we tested MeetEdgar

I’d actually met Laura before I met Edgar, interviewing her for our Meet the Maker interview series.

For the purposes of this review I signed-up to MeetEdgar’s $19 Lite plan, offering 10 recurring time slots weekly on a maximum of 3 social accounts. This plan is aimed squarely at freelancers and side project builders, which I am both. It’s a new entry-level tier of MeetEdgar with the automation tool usually charging a premium versus its competitors.

My content ran the course of the month subscription, powering the new look’s social media almost exclusively. One less thing for me to worry about!

Getting started with MeetEdgar

Welcome to MeetEdgar! Getting setup is easy with a series of helpful onboarding videos ready to greet you. They cover the very basics, such as connecting your social profiles to importing content and autoposting, but in all honesty the tool is intuitive enough to navigate on your own.

The first of those is simply a case of granting access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn with a couple of clicks.

MeetEdgar review   Connect Social Accounts

It’s then a case of bulk uploading content via a CSV file, composing your own posts or pointing Edgar to an RSS feed such as your blog, where it will read the content and turn them into social media posts automatically. Magic!

MeetEdgar review   Importing content

Each post is neatly tagged with a category (more on that later) and stored in your never-ending library. MeetEdgar’s Scheduler is the final piece of the jigsaw – offering up timeslots it’ll automatically publish your content or you can just entrust them to do so at the optimum time. The Scheduler is perhaps a little confusing at first, presenting a single week view of things and nothing beyond that, but this week repeats itself over and over.

MeetEdgar review   Content Calendar

And that’s it – that’s all it takes to plan a year’s worth of social posting!

Features you’ll love

  • ♻️ Automatically repost your best content

    You know the rule: Create once, promote a thousand times over. At least. However, it’s easier said then done.

    Perhaps you’re too busy, too modest, too afraid or forgetful to share your best content again and again.

    MeetEdgar’s best feature solves all of this with automation. Its hassle-free resharing can multiply the traffic you get from social media many times over. It even offers native photo (single or multi-image posts) and video support too.

    Give Edgar the keys to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and never have to worry about sharing again. Magic! (auto-posting is available on all platforms except Twitter where you’ll need Edgar’s variations feature to accomplish the same feat – I’ll explain more later).

  • 📆 Set your posting schedule

    Displayed as a weekly content calendar, this recurring schedule lays out when Edgar will publish your chosen category of posts. It does so on a ‘last-in, first-out’ basis, meaning the most recent post added to a category goes out next and then joins the back of the queue. This is all about keeping your feed as fresh as possible.

    Now you can either dictate the time (e.g. lunchtimes and early eve) or let Edgar decide based on its infinite social media wisdom. You can even theme content by days of the week and choose an expiry date of certain posts.

    One minor niggle here is being forced to keep the same schedule week-on-week. For instance, some may wish to mix it up every other week or on X day of every month. One way round this is to manually specify a date/time for an individual posts – an added bonus is that these posts don’t count towards you schedule limit.

  • 📝 Creating posts – import, author or automate

    You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to craft a post.

    You can either bulk import a whole spreadsheet at once, create posts one-by-one, add content straight from your brower or link to an RSS Feed or article and have Edgar automatically draft the text for you. The ability to automatically create updates from any source with an RSS feed (e.g. YouTube or your blog) is a huge time-saver. Sure, some may need tweaking before you hit publish, but the heavy lifting by Edgar is appreciated!

    This feature really comes into its own when reposting on Twitter, as the platform doesn’t allow a single social update to go out twice to be associated with more than one Twitter account.

    One niggle with the way MeetEdgar crafts posts is not having a choice in the media it imports from an article. For example, Surges’ Meet the Maker interviews all have a picture of the person in question and it would be lovely to have the option to use that. It’s not a deal breaker but it would certainly help to mix things up on my feed.

  • Auto-variations – sidestep Twitter rules

    Regardless of Twitter’s terms of service, it’s not good form to simply regurgitate the same post over and over.

    Tap the “Autogenerate variations” button to unleash a robot copywriter. Edgar will pick out the most salient points or quote-worthy content of any article and prepare different versions of posts for your approval. You can even test Edgar’s content against your own efforts with A/B testing.

    All you need to do is approve and hey presto, you’ve a flurry of fresh content.

  • 📚 Content library – clustered into categories

    All of the above forms your content library.

    Edgar’s auto-scheduler pulls straight from this bottomless bank of content and, like Spotify, lets you shuffle, delete and pause it in a click.

    MeetEdgar review   Content library

    One neat trick is to give categories their own publishing cycle. So, ‘Motivational quotes’ go out on a Monday, whereas ‘Reviews’ could be shared later in the week. Agencies managing client social feeds may wish to assign a category for each client for easy management. Frustratingly you’re stuck with the four preset categories with MeetEdgar’s $19 Lite plan, but you can edit the colour coding at least. Exporting your content is a bit of a faff too – there’s no easy way to do this within the tool but the support team are happy to do this for you if you send them an email.

Things to consider

  • Browser Extension – source content on the go

    You want to avoid having one tool for reposting and another for discovery. MeetEdgar’s underrated plugin does both jobs.

    Discovered content worthy of sharing? Hit the button for Edgar and it’ll magically create up to five pre-written posts from the body copy.

  • Reporting & Testing – It exists but is minimal

    Disappointingly there’s no reporting function within the app. Instead, Edgar sends a performance report via email once a week showing how many posts you’ve published and any uplift in follower numbers and clicks. Social media managers or agencies needing to report upwards will really struggle not being able to compare time-frames or track campaigns.

    A/B testing is better. With variation analytics and click data, you can test different messages to see which worked hardest and drove traffic back to your site. Head over to the individual history page for each post to compare different versions.

MeetEdgar Pricing

from $19 per month

Lite plan

There’s no free plan but MeetEdgar starter package is only $19 per month. Aimed squarely at freelancers and side-projects, it offers the full suite of features but only 3 social accounts and a total 10 recurring time slots (e.g. 1pm and 5pm).

The jump up to $49 is a big one but unlocks 25 social accounts and 1,000 recurring time slots – ideal if you’re handling multiple brands or accounts.

50% off your first 2 months of Edgar

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MeetEdgar Alternatives

For all the social media scheduling tools out there, there’s relatively few offering automatic reposting.

We reviewed RecurPost, giving it a score of 81%. MeetEdgar comes in pricier in comparison but its auto variations and A/B testing make it well worth the extra. Both options offer native video and image posting, RSS content importing, libraries to store and organise your content and limited reporting.

Truth be told, most people will be looking to upgrade from giant spreadsheets and manually loading them into schedule tools. Paying $19 to save you that headache is a non-brainer.

MeetEdgar Support   👍  or   👎

MeetEdgar really has your back. Hands-on support from a human is available on weekdays, backed up a giant library of social media marketing strategies, tips and tricks in their ‘Edgar University’ and help articles.

The team behind the scenes also love to meet and educate users. They host regular Office Hours as a more informal Q&A learning session to get the most out of the tool and ‘Parties’ that get users together to share social media automation tactics.

I had to contact MeetEdgar’s support team to find out how to export content (there’s no feature for this but they’re happy to do so if you send them an email) and it’s full marks from me!

The Verdict

Surges score


Going into this review I was looking for a tool to take away the tedium and time involved with tweeting out Surges’ reviews and ‘Meet the Maker’ interviews. As the site’s content grows, it would become impossible for one person to stay on top of. I’m pleased to report that MeetEdgar has solved that problem, for good.

After only an hour I was able to create enough auto-variations to keep my social media feeds fresh for a month. Before I knew it, Edgar had informed me I’d sent 30 hours’ worth of content - that’s a lot of time saved!

Meet Edgar social milestone review

The tool is a breeze to use but not without its limitations…

The low limits of the Lite plan will force many users into the $49 per month pricing tier. There’s no easy way to export your posts (though they will manually do this for you). The frequency of reposting isn’t as flexible as it could be and it also took me a while to work out that the scheduler was the same week on repeat.

That said, for $19 a month, MeetEdgar takes care of all my content sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn – far cheaper than hiring a social media manager and far easier than doing it myself.

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