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02/07/20 | Interview by Stuart Goulden

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VYPER powers viral giveaways to supersize email subscriber numbers and social followings. We speak to co-founder Jack Paxton about his experience of building VYPER, the ingredients for a successful viral marketing contest, and where he intends to take the service next.

  1. Hi Jack, how would you describe VYPER?

    VYPER is tool that we build to solve our own problems which turned out to be a lot of people’s problem. It helps businesses virally grow through contests, giveaways, and referral marketing.

    It uses gamification to get entrants to complete tasks and refer others to unlock rewards or win contests.

  1. Tell me about the seed of the idea. What motivated you to start VYPER?

    Kevin and I worked in the advertising space and ran some contest and saw some great results. As we used the tools on the market we saw a lot of potential for a better product.

  1. Who is the VYPER team? Do you have a maker or marketing background?

    Kevin is the technical co-founder and I’m the marketing. It’s a good combo!

  1. What is greatest reward for a successful VYPER campaign? Exposure, referrals, or something else?

    Depends what your goals are but most people get large amounts of email leads, social engagements/followers or conversions in a short period of time running contests.

    It’s really a great way to get fast and scalable growth. The bonus actions that we built out let you incentivise any online action you wish (share, watch, refer, download, buy etc).

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  1. Not every brand will consider a giveaway contest and not every individual would potentially enter one. Who is VYPER aimed at?

    Mostly people and/or businesses looking to get more innovative with their marketing. We have the option to run contests, referral programs and more.

    The way we built the tool as to give users the tools to build whatever they want. We do not restrict you to templates but give you building blocks.

    We see people running weekly winner contests, a launch contests or evergreen reward systems for lead generation. It is an innovative replacement for their website popup which has become commonplace and pretty annoying.

  1. What has been the most creative use of VYPER so far? Any runaway successes?

    We have seen a lot of people running Crypto or Blockchain related contests to build communities. Some of them get over 400k entrants.

    The other more innovative use cases are people adding them to blog posts and websites to reward people for sharing and engaging with their content.

"We have seen a lot of people running Crypto or Blockchain related contests to build communities. Some of them get over 400k entrants."

Jack Paxton
  1. What are your future aspirations for VYPER?

    We plan to keep improving the product and making it one of the most innovative marketing tools available.

    We want to help marketers create more unique campaigns to stand out from their competitors.

  1. Do you have any advice for people wanting to build their own marketing tool?

    Make sure you are ready to put in a lot of hours. We spent 1-2 years getting our product right.

    There are marking tools everywhere so you need to make sure yours is one of the best otherwise you drown in the 1,000’s of them out there.

  1. And finally, where can people go to find out more?

    Visit us at to get more info on the tool.

    There’s a lot of awesome marketing knowledge and case studies on the blog and in the Facebook group.

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