FigPii Review: FigPii review: Conversion Rate Optimization learnings on tap

12th December 2021

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FigPii is an insight-rich conversion optimization tool for ecommerce websites. Using a combination of heatmaps, video recordings and A/B testing, FigPii demystifies the user experience to your mutual benefit. The tool takes tons of data, spots where visitors get stuck, and recommends easy wins for improving your site.

FigPii Pros

  • All in one tool
  • Machine learning recommendations
  • Fair pricing
  • Exciting roadmap

FigPii Cons

  • Occasional bug
  • Light on integrations
  • No CRM integration

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The Story

What is FigPii?

Ecommerce competition is fiercer than ever. Every visitor needs to count.

Step up conversion rate optimization and FigPii.

FigPii is an enterprise-level user experience platform that helps brands track visitor behaviour, understand it and improve what matters most to visitors.

Conversion rate optimization is a never-ending pursuit, requiring a lot of data analysis, testing, tweaking and re-evaluation. FigPii promises to take care of that burden for marketers, with automated experiments, machine learning insights and visual proof of its conclusions. In other words, FigPii wades through the data, so you don’t have to.

Meet the Maker:
Khalid Saleh

In his Khalid’s own words, FigPii cures what he calls ‘data obesity’. Too much data, not enough insights. Leading to a classic case of analysis paralysis.

In our exclusive interview, Khalid describes how his former career as a software engineer for the likes of American Express and Motorola exposed him to many leaky websites. Swimming in data but not enough analysts, larger websites would struggle with compromised conversion and slow decision making. A problem he set about solving with fellow co-founder Ayat Shukairy. All in a single, streamlined tool.

FigPii started with a private beta for their existing clients. Then, in January 2020, FigPii opened its doors to new customers. Over 400 companies signed up for an account in month one and the rest is history.

Read the interview

The Product

How we tested FigPii for this review

I have used marketing tools for 20+ years, reviewing them for 3.

This includes using a number of FigPii’s competitors, including CrazyEgg, Hotjar and (once upon a time) Sumo.

In addition to my marketing experience, I took out the Starter plan for the purposes of this review.

This gave me a taste of the following FigPii features:

  • A/B testing
  • Heatmaps, including scroll maps and click data
  • Video recordings, showing user behaviour and flows
  • On-site polls, to gather ad hoc feedback

Was there anything I didn’t get round to in this review?

Yes, FigPii’s machine learning recommendations.

Getting started with FigPii

First step is to install FigPii’s code. Without it, there’s no tracking or insights.

FigPii offers 3 easy ways to do so:

  • Plugins/instructions on the major web builder platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, Unbounce
  • Insert the code manually
  • Email the instructions to a developer
FigPii installation

What followed was a lesson in first class onboarding experiences.

Dynamic, engaging and feature-focussed, FigPii completely flattens the learning curve with its welcome wizard. I used it to setup my Heatmaps, a dummy A/B test and poll in less than 10 seconds each. Many features can be activated with a single click. The poll simply asks for the question you want to ask visitors.

You can also use the setup wizard to invite fellow team members to the visitor insight party.

Top tip: FigPii also new users a free coaching session to get you started (something they claim gets 6x better results with FigPii)

FigPii features you’ll love

  • 🗺️ Heatmap – See what and where users spend their time

    Where are visitors clicking? Where are the stickiest parts of a page? How does that differ by device? What are they skimming over?

    Get answers to all these questions, and more. Heatmaps are a very visual way of understanding what users do on a web page—where they click, how far they scroll, what they stop to read or not. Fascinating in themselves and a good starting point for optimizing conversion.

    FigPii heatmap example

    There’s nothing revolutionary here, FigPii’s heatmaps are almost identical to Hotjar’s and CrazyEgg’s. See:

    • Scrolls, eyeballs and clicks
    • Behaviour on specific page or multiple similar pages
    • Separate heatmaps for desktop and mobile devices
    • Interaction with any popups
    • Different date ranges to assess recent changes to the page
    FigPii review   how to read a scroll map

    Top tip: Don’t forget to exclude your IP address from results in the Advance Settings area

  • 🎥 Video recording – see what your visitors see

    Not all customers are equal, so there’s 18 filters to choose from to find the real nuggets of insight. This includes page entered or excited. Number of clicks. Duration on site. Type of device. And so on. Even play back multiple visits by the same user.

    Just as important is weeding out the clutter, so you can hide visits without any dwell time or significant activity.

    FigPii   How to record visitor web sessions

    Other neat functionality includes:

    • Adding notes to individual sessions and sharing with colleagues
    • Ability to select by campaign, to get ideas for improving your ad conversion
    • Playback of visits before and after page tweaks, to see their impact

    However, FigPii’s video recordings are still missing a few tricks. For example, unlike Hotjar, you can’t upload your own data to filter recordings by different customer personas or segments, such as VIP customers.

  • 🙋 Polls – quickly ask visitor opinions

    Get to know your visitors a bit better with speedy snippets of feedback. FigPii offers a good range of different popups, including text boxes, drop downs, ratings and tick boxes. You can also line up multiple questions in the form of a mini survey. Hotjar offers this too but not Crazy Egg.

    FigPii   How to add polls to website

    Where and when you show them is up to you. Results can be viewed individually, in a graph or exported.

    It’s a potentially useful solution but could be even more so if linked to your CRM, so individual responses could trigger follow-up messages, a special email series or manual intervention from a customer service rep.

  • 🧪 A/B & Split URL tests – unlimited tests, unlimited variables

    A/B testing is FigPii’s standout feature. With minimal setup required, you can easily and quickly experiment with different different headlines, sales copy, or CTAs and learn which converts best.

    FigPii review   How to create a CRO Experiment

    FigPii lets you create as many variations to test against your original design as you want. Plus, it has the same advanced targeting as its other features e.g. by page, source or device.

    FigPii’s also presents its A/B test results in a simple winner/loser format, complete with its ‘Chance to Win’ confidence on roll-out.

    Take out a premium subscription to access FigPii’s FigPii Recommendations tool and you’ll get so much more out of your tests. The tool uses machine learning to analyse all your results from the other features to suggest what you test next e.g. add more copy, tweak navigation, offer free postage, include product ratings, inventory remaining, and so on.

    Given how easy FigPii makes A/B testing, you’ll be iterating your way to much higher conversion rates in no time. All without the need to purchase a bespoke testing tool. Not even Hotjar can match that.

    As FigPii Founder Khalid Saleh told Surges, one of FigPii’s biggest customers used A/B testing to earn extra millions over Black Friday. In Khalid’s own words:

    “ZGallery, which is one of the largest furniture retailers in the US, decided to come and start using FigPii about two weeks before Black Friday. They’ve generated millions dollars by testing the different design ideas that they’ve had before the big event. They wouldn’t have known the potential if they had taken the design and just threw them on the website.”

Things to consider

  • Load time – keep your site lightning fast

    No conversation optimization tool should actually harm your user experience and conversion.

    FigPii loads asynchronously with a single line of code that will have minimum impact on your site load time.

FigPii Pricing & Offers

from $49 per month

10,000 users p/m

FigPii has similar qualitative CRO functionality to Mouseflow, CrazyEgg, or Hotjar, with heatmaps, session recording and polls. Microsoft Clarity offers two of those (heatmaps and video recordings) for free, whatever your visitor levels. However, A/B testing normally requires a separate subscription altogether, making FigPii excellent value.

FigPii Recommendations, its machine learning conversion optimizer, is only included with the $399 package.

10% discount forever

Be data-rich and cash-rich with this saving!

FigPii Alternatives

It’d be amiss of me to leave out FigPii’s main USP: it does all of this under a single subscription.

Khalid and the team have found a sweat spot for anybody signed up to multiple tools, such as Hotjar (for heatmaps, recordings and polls) and Crazy Egg (to add A/B testing), or not wanting to pay crazy amounts for AWS’ more sophisticated experiments.

FigPii Support   👍  or   👎

Big shout outs to FigPii’s free user onboarding calls and live demo sessions for anybody wanting to get the most out of the tool.

There’s a good knowledge bank full of how to videos and all the core features have video tutorials.

The Verdict

Surges score


Undertaking this FigPii review was my first experience of the tool.

Aimed at websites starting to take their conversion a lot more seriously, it’s got everything you need to record the visitor experience, A/B test and gather qualitative feedback.

Best of all, it does all of this within the single platform. All for a reasonable price given its unlimited usage.

FigPii indicated that there’s lots more to come in our interview with them. This includes integrating A/B testing with all its other conversion optimization tools for even richer insights and more sophisticated multivariant testing.

Until then, FigPii still remains a solid option for ecommerce websites wanting to improve conversion quickly, easily and often.

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